10 Vegan Filipino Dishes under P100 (MAFBEX Tickets Giveaway!)

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During my stay in the Philippines, I’ve met people who said they would like to try vegan cooking but the ingredients seemed expensive or inaccessible. So, I have come up with my top 10 vegan Filipino dishes that would cost only about P100 each.

Toward the end of the video, you will get a chance to win two free tickets for you and your friend to go to one of the Philippine’s largest food and beverage expo, MAFBEX https://mafbex.com. I will announce four different winners so please stay tuned!


Om Namho shivaye says:

Is there Have Any Vegetarian Dish in manila for Vegetarian People
I m Pure Veg pls tell me po

Mark Warren says:


Adalid, Caesar Eduard A. says:

hi im gonna try vegan diet for 1 month..I thought vegan dont use oil in a pan..correct me please

bash Er says:

I want a my pinakbet vegan too. but didnt know what to substitute with the *bagoong. recipe po?

Vileser Naculangga says:

wahhhh i love laing

Home Cooking says:

Hi! My friend would you mine to subscribe my YouTube channel please I’m a Filipino I lived UK my husband is English xxxx

Home Cooking says:

Delicious food fantastic chef good and very organised keep going my friend 👍x

Dario Flores says:

excited to cook 😂🤠😍

Alejandra Cabrera says:

love your channel <3

jeannel canag says:

being a Filipino vegan living with parents is very challenging. Glad I found this channel 😊

Global Communications says:

Vegan life is exciting with yummy food items. https://www.facebook.com/LoveVeganPh/

Nelson DeVera Jr says:

I try it… thanks big help…

ᑎ I ᑕ O ᒪ E says:

This is where the vegan teacher led me too ;-;

Karyll Valmores says:

Hi! how do you check if the product is vegan po? I'm a bit concerned sa soy sauce etc. kasi may ibang companies iba sila mag operate, hope you notice this, thank you!

Jecerson Donasco says:

I'm on my 3 months eating lot of vegetables and looking for more other Filipino recipe since im pure Pinoy. Thanks for this video. It helps me a lot. 😊👌 I also followed the Astig vegan on IG. 😁

Dex Lantacon says:


Kindly Check if my recipe is okay its made of string beans as the main ingredients

winlovegan says:

Finally! Recipes that I can make for
my entire family! thank you so much sis 🙏🏼🙏🏼

tatskie TV says:

thank you maam.

Athena Cinca says:

It will be so awesome if you have a Vegan or Vegetarian Filipino restaraunt. I am so glad to find your channel. My vegan and veggie friends are astonish of your vegan dishes.

Chris says:

Thanks for this! I’m on my 3rd week now trying to follow plant-based diet. I’m running out of ideas what to prepare/eat next. This is really helpful.

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