CLASSIC VEGAN STUFFING RECIPE | how to make stuffing vegan

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Traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing made vegan! Just as good as classic stuffing, plus you don’t have to stick your hands up a turkey’s bum. Hope you enjoy this vegan Thanksgiving stuffing recipe.

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Pick Up Limes says:

This looks so comforting, Nisha! I'll take the whole dish just for myself, please and thank you 🙂

Anne Akhila says:

The stuffing was AMAZING. Thank you so much!!!

Sassy says:

What is the size of your casserole dish?

Danny Simion says:

Yes! This looks legitimately better than the stove box stuffing I also grew up in and looks so colorful and festive and everything I like in a colorful dish. I didnt have to look far to find a recipe vegan stuffing to bring to my relative's house! Thanks a million!!

Nicole Parker says:

Is the bread vegan?

Yasin Jadauji says:

I just put this in the oven, can't wait to eat it!

Eric Botcher says:

Ohh my god. Thank you! I’m not vegan or even vegetarian but one of my guest is this year so I’m learning a few recipes so she feels welcome. This looks amazing. Thank you.

Melissa Rodriguez says:

I’m inspired! Thanks for sharing. 😊

Knowledge of ALL TRUTH says:

Why is the bread not vegan?

JP says:

Are you from the valley?

Don Price says:

Looks delicious

Lyn Fernandez says:

This looks so yummy, I will definitely be making this next Thanksgiving!  New subscriber, love your channel! 🙂

J Lux says:

Hi Nisha, I love love your sweet videos which are so soothing and calm. Maybe one q & a one day…kisses from Mauritius. By the way, u look very mauritian-like. Maybe you should come here for a holiday. Keep the wonderful job up.

hman630 says:

Your pretty    cute, I hope my comments isn't considered  sexual harassment.  Never know these days.  I like your vegan  stuffing.  I may try to make some  thanks for the video.

A Narrow Path says:

Looks great, just sad that we now have to bring gender up in everything.

kath david says:

I wonder if Americans know the true story of thanks giving…. Probably not.

aquqad says:

Love it!

I do have a side note. You're indian right? Are you planning on doing any sort of indian food? I just saw lauren's chikpea curry, but from the comments, it seems like she's not 100% authentic. Are you planning on doing any indian food recipes any time soon? Or indian deserts? I'd love to see your take on some traditional indian food recipes.

Colleen Grant says:

This looks so easy! I am definitely going to make this 🙂 thank you so much !

Zen and Zaatar says:

This looks sooo good Nisha!! I love the vibrant colors 😍

Caro Carrera says:

I just discovered you because you were commenting on another video. You are so cute, I am already a fan 🙂 <3

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