Easy and Hearty Vegetarian Recipe

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Today on Real French Food, Olivia makes a great vegetarian dish, ratatouille with minimal fat that will fill you up. www.frenchgirlsguidetofood.com


Farah Eshaleena says:

I never liked any veg dishes but this would be worth trying. 👍💯

Edna sole says:

made for my husband who is vegetarian he loves it so will make many more thank u

L M says:

I don't have any oregano, does it matter?

Jay Elle Esch says:

Thanks for this recipe, Olivia! I made it yesterday and it was delicious. I can't wait to make it again.

Jay Bird says:

The vegetables used contain protein.

kloekat62 says:

I cannt wait to make this

Melissa G says:

Looks great!

alanaandhannah 125 says:

Looks yummy

alanaandhannah 125 says:

Thanks love it

Noemi Bernal says:

That looks gorgeous! Thanks.

AbbyAnnMary says:

I really enjoy those cooking videos! Great recipes! 

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