Faggots and Peas – a British classic

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Traditional British faggots and peas. The name ‘faggot’ comes from old English word for a bundle of something. In this case, a bundle of pork and offal. Traditionally, the offal would be a pigs pluck – its heart, liver and lungs. And it would be wrapped in a lacy, fatty membrane called caul fat. Both of these can be hard to get hold of, so in this simplified recipe I do without the caul fat, and use pork liver instead of the pigs pluck. They are very tasty.

The written/printable recipe is here: http://www.keefcooks.com/how-to-make-faggots-recipe/

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adan amaya says:


sailor snailord says:

me and peas

Thirdz zz says:

I can't be the only one who clicked while bursting out laughs thanks to the title

Turn me on deadman says:

I made this and got canceled by Twitter lol

Ahmed Osama says:

Great video !

Brodoslav Milivojev says:

English food makes me suicidal

john wesson says:

i wonder why this one has so many more views than your other vids it must be a good recipe

john wesson says:

in britin they call it a cigarette

Dave says:

….so yeah this video got demonitized…good job youtube bots….good job….not really.

SJ336 says:

ima pass on that one, but am not much of an awful eater anyway

John Hire says:

I made these for dinner tonight and found them to be lacking in flavour, needs something to jazz them up. I think that a couple of desert spoons of sage and onion stuffing worked into the mix may do the job.


Gay people disliked this



Large Marge says:

He over here creating bts

nachan says:

I didn't know I was in this.

Starla Outlaw says:

This looks amazing. And I dont eat organs

Jack Rolen says:

This dish should be thrown off a building.

sevensixtwo thirtynine says:

i actually wanna try this. ill cook it sometime

ShinyHuntMystic says:

lmao i love this vid

Alex Loosmore says:

My favorite part is when he says faggot

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