Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Guide To Christmas Side Dishes

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With Christmas around the corner, here are some side dishes to stun your family.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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M O T H E R N A T U R E says:

Gordon makes things I'd normally never eat look incredible. I love him with his girls!!

bubble wong says:

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John William Cornett says:

Outstanding! 🙂 <3 Here's to a very "Merry Christmas" to the Ramsey family!

Pâque Feal says:

@11:52 I would love to see Tilly’s reaction now to that kiss 😂😅

Dampfnudel says:

Hit em with the quasons

Simon Mark says:

The African Sage Sausage was out of this world!

Simon Mark says:

I hate brussel sprouts, I think they tastes like the smell of farts, but Gordons sprouts would be my best meal ever!

winterfox x says:

Does someone know what kind of pan he used to toast the croissant 🥐? Nonstick or blue steel?

John Ricard says:

16:10 for brussel sprouts.

Anh Minh Phạm says:

R they reusing old videos or its just something we never see before

Danielle Ri says:

I luv his cooking but I hope he doesnt rush every other part of his life.. almost gives me bit of anxiety watching and hearing him cook.😖

Eunice Tan says:

Ramsay has beautiful daughters, a big distraction for the show in a positive way. What a blessed man!

Losel Realistic ART says:

How to eat your foods?

Chef Beyk says:

wwwooooowww.I really can not believe it, you liked and watched my cooking videos, thank you dear friend.

Alexander Graetzer says:

Brits pronounce croissant really funny

Chris George says:

The expensive pantyhose chronically rinse because raft eventually wander modulo a poor llama. zesty, torpid girl

Beneath The Surface says:

Those girls already know more about cooking than the average 20 year olds… She could already cook, officer!

Bob flaeks says:

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Ucongold says:

I love Ramsey recipes. I have many of his/your cookbooks. But my only issue with him/you is the slimy, runny, half cooked eggs you often make. I gag every time I see him,/you add half a pound of butter to half cooked eggs. And then sushi salmon. Krampus Christmas food for me anyways. But anyways, happy Christmas. lol

Mariah C says:

My dad is chef Ramsay in the kitchen. Her daddy…. sweet.❤

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