Homemade Quesadillas | Keep Cooking & Carry On | Jamie Oliver #withme

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Like all of us Jamie and his family are locked up at home but he still wants to keep giving you useful recipes. So now Jools is on camera, the kids are on sound and he’s filming it all himself. Watch the series in the UK on http://channel4.com

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beeman2075 says:

I'm loving the homestyle nature of these clips, both in the filming and in the beautiful meals being made.

Helen says:

Leeks are good. 👩‍🌾

Anon says:

Tesco chickpeas on the shelf. Sainsbury's won't be happy.

Jenson Lim says:

It was this recipe that made my family start making Quesadillas. Thank you Jamie Oliver et al!

Ri Pyan says:

Good day, Chef Jamie Oliver. My name is Richard Pahuwayan from the Philippines. Aspiring Chef Here, May I ask for your Personal Autograph with Inspiring Message?

Sefa Demir says:


Tom Ashton says:

1. Finely slice leeks

2. Dice pepper

3. Use box grater with carrot

4. Add cheese. Good ratio is 50:50 cheese to veg.

5. Add more cheese to the point it oozes and sticks.

6. Put quesadillas in a dry pan on medium meat. Don't make raise heat too high, they will crisp while insides remain cold.

7. lift up pan, flip while using palm to support quesadilla then return to pan on the other side.

8. Toast for about 3 min on each side, check inside it's fully melted.

9. Always allow to cool otherwise they'll burn your mouth.

10. Cut into quarters or eights.

Spring onions (or leeks)

red peppers, fresh or jarred

grated carrots

Cheese (cheddar here)


Diced tomatoes, squeeze out pips grilled veg, chopped



serve with: Yoghurt

Sour cream



Tomato salsa.


Francesca m says:


TripleAstyle1 A says:

Great video.

Анна Поздеева says:

Jamie, you are great! From Russia with love

Pjeczarka says:

Wygląda pysznie =)

Khushvir chaurasia says:

when i see this man and i feel so great thanks Jaimie love u from India 😊

Ga -r7 says:

لا اله الاالله محمد رسول الله

Carlos Naranjo says:

I'm mexican, I'd recommend you to fill them with mushrooms, chicken, ground beef, potatoes or my favorite…squash blossoms. If possible do them with corn tortilla, but if it's not available, wheat would be fine

Narith Cooking says:

It's looks simple and easy, but yummy😋😋😋. Who else love it?

fast tutorial italia says:

nnnnnnnnn unoooo

ismael says:

No había visto este relleno de quesadilla, pero si se antoja 🤤

First Choice says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for not making this into a 'TexMex' dish with Jalapeños that just takes away all the other flavor.

isatonic lab says:

Hey Jamie it's ur fan Alex. Can u tell me if ur son Buddy plays Talking Tom and friends on tab.

IliaDem says:

Veggie quesadilla should include corn and beans! But I'll give this version a try

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