I Meal Prep For A Family of 5 With Less Than $100

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We challenged Personal Chef Erica Adler to meal prep for a family of 5 with less than $100. Can she do it? Be sure to follow along with Erica’s cooking at @fresh.erica and check out her e-book at https://fresherica.com/product/fresh-erica-meal-prep-e-book/

Find ingredients for meal prepping at Fresh Direct:

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cem2756 says:

the slaw recipe told us nothing…what's in your damn dressing?

Sam Antha says:

Love this girl. Could watch her for hours. Has helped me prep for my family

Marco Antonio Teh says:

I think I'm in love

edwin lopez says:

Hey chef, did you go to the art institute?

Rubey Cherry says:

What a boring menu

Shanessa Reilly says:

Those air pods are like 2 weeks of food shopping !

Michelle Shepherd says:

Listen you'll bunch of haters sipping on haterade she is clearly not at her home leave her be your here for the cooking stick to that, I thoroughly enjoyed this and shall be trying this also.💖

Lalalayla says:

This would definitely not be enough for 5 days for my family haha

E Lo says:

white people pantry.

Sushmita Sharma says:

That's not enough food for 5 people.

girffrommars kissit says:

It insulted water! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kelly Roth says:

Please add a filter, heater, and some silk plants to your fish tank. That's not a proper setup for a betta 🙁

MsPhoenix2020 says:

All these complainers in the comments curled up on their couches eating a hot pocket…relaxxxx.

Bri says:

That isnt her fish lol

Sean Megan says:

Just imagine how much cheaper it could be if you went to the shop yourself.

Deep Garewal says:

We wanna see u clean up as well 😉

Jacqui Romano says:

I love your videos the most!

Grace Gaddy says:

Goya 👁️👁️

Kim E says:

I'm actually low-key mad that you guys skipped her explaining the measurements or servings for what she was making. That's like half of the battle for meal prep. 😑 Especially if she explains how old the kids are.

carol hicks says:

Had to stop watching once I saw the hands in the slaw😐

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