Vegan Breakfast Classic – Tofu Scramble

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Here I’m showing you how to make the vegan classic breakfast, a tofu scramble. This is a really simple go to vegan breakfast that is full of protein.

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Brett Cobley says:

Thanks for watching! Check out some more of my easy vegan recipes and get cooking!

Jeff Gammons says:

Looks fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing. 😊

burntsoup says:

Your recipes look delicious and they're so simple to follow. Please keep making videos ✌️

adtc says:

Is nutritional yeast optional?

Čiča Iz Rogače says:

Thank you man!

Duvvers says:

Looks so delicious. Loving the background music too!

Scot Girl says:

Love the hair slicked back!

RJ Carter says:

OK…your hair looks better combed back like that….but do let it grow back!

Fuesun Ha says:

if you add a bit of almond butter then it is more eggy. But your dishes are more than a dish there are placed in a yummy way.

Brenda Aspey says:

The only way I can eat tofu is in a scramble, yummy 😋
Thanks for sharing Brett 🌱

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