Healthier Pasta 4 Ways

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Naledi Mabula says:

Delicious 😋

Khushali says:

Yup….a lot of parmesan cheese…healthier!!!👏👏

abdul fattah bin ismail says:

Is there alcohol free recipes????

regina philange says:

Woh bro. The combination of tomatoes and spinach is not recommended. It leads to the development of kidney stones.

Avni Sharma says:

The pasta's are healthy because the portion sizes are ridiculously small.

Sarah Prerna says:

Yeah they’re saying the word “healthy” around here pretty loosely.

Aja’s World says:

When I heard the music I left lol

Ayla Layla says:

I didn't see anything healthy in this. Just tons of oil and cheese..

Jakob und Moses says:

Please help. Question: is the pasta is already cooked when thrown on the pan where the sauce is already made? Thanks!

anonymous nation says:

Love these…and 2 points to mention…whole wheat pasta or macaroni is not easily available and cooking in wine is not healthy it weakens immune system

Rawillian Rayniy says:

With cheese is consider as healthy…okay now tasty is a new doctor

Lil Big Man says:

Cheese bad for u

rpearlman123 says:

to Tasty, I love your videos but please stop sprinkling and dipping everything

Arpitha Prakash says:

Do they already know that we don't cook and we just watch coz in that speak nobody can follow any recipe 😅

Aliyah Buttar says:

I love the first pasta recipe

Gigi Lui says:

it just looks like too much oil.

Alisha Aimee says:

oh please there's so much oil in these dishes

Kiara says:

How is putting wine in the pasta considered healthy

Devashri Joshi says:

The first does look good. I can give it a try 😉

Jesi Lin says:

Any indians here?🇮🇳🖤

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