How To Make A Holiday Vegetarian Wellington

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This showstopper veggie Wellington is the perfect dish to impress everyone at a holiday dinner.

Make it and all your other healthy treats in our high-edge baking pan used in this video:

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Kesheen Paul says:

That dish looks lux!

Liann Ainsworth says:

Can you freeze this and make ahead?

Mihaela Jones says:

Hi, thanks so much for this recipe, I'm looking to make it this for Christmas. Can you use shortcrust pastry instead of puff? Would it work the same?

Rohit Burra says:

Instead of the balsamic, I’m gonna use wine, but otherwise it’s beautiful!

Amanda Kurtzman says:

There are many ingredients in this recipe

Aaron Paul Dy Lusanta says:


RedDiamondCrew says:


Harsh Gharlute says:

Frozen spinach will become bitter right? Can I use fresh instead?

filip ziebo says:

This was so delicious! My girlfriend's mum is veretarian and I've made it for her as replacement of meat for Sunday's Roast. She loved, all of us did. Thanks!

Matt Mah says:

Seaweed wrapping all stuffing?

Sofia Fernandes says:

Is it safe to do it on the day before, keep it in the fridge and then put it in the hoven the next day?

Micaela Arzamendía says:

We just made this! Thank you! It's the best thing I've ever tried! So yummy!!! ❤️

The Fireblaster says:

Just made this, it was a hit, great combinations of flavors. Thank you for posting!

Cheryl Kennedy says:

Can you make ahead and reheat

David Selin says:

Its a pity that the recipe isn't listed.

Anne Tidwell says:

This recipe is all over the place! You’re much better off to go to Waitrose or another channel for a dish that isn’t totally disjointed. And doesn’t bagged frozen spinach create waste….

Sue Medeiros says:

I am going to make this for Christmas Dinner and wrote out the whole recipe. This is amazing. You didn't say what temp for the roasting of the kidney beans and chestnuts. Is it the same as the sweet potato? I will check back after I make it. Bravo to you!

Jibitesh Saha says:

What is the substitute of eggs

tarun joshi says:

Any vegan alternative to the egg glaze in the end?

Stanley Jones says:

I'm not a vegetarian but this looks so delicious I am going to have to try to make this.

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