How to Make Vegan Gravy | Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

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There’s nothing nicer when lashings of rich, tasty gravy are poured over your Christmas dinner and River Cottage has a vegan recipe full of hearty flavour.
Chestnut mushrooms form the back bone of this sauce along with carrot, onion, celery and herbs. And Hugh’s got a secret ingredient to give this gravy a twist. Delicious!

Hugh uses soy sauce and a sprinkling of flour for this gravy. To make this recipe Gluten Free, use gluten free versions of these ingredients.

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VG – This is a Vegan recipe
DF – This is a Dairy-Free recipe
GF – This is a Gluten Free recipe (if using gluten free soy sauce and flour)

For more nutritional information go to


Palestinian King Jerry 0 says:

Coffee? I put urine instead

debstarcrazy says:

Made this gravy last Christmas and it was so good I'm going to do it again this year, and make twice as much! Thanks Hugh x

Linda Feeney says:

Looks really straight forward 👍

Karen Haslam says:

Really nice thank you, and I’m not vegan – it will be served with our duck. My mistake was not to add enough water, but there is just about enough gravy for the 2 of us; good job there won’t be more of us on Christmas Day!

karen kaiser says:

Needs a bit of red wine, Omami, marmite, brown sugar, dark chocolate square.

LycanB64 says:

I wonder if removing the herbs and using an immersion blender to blend the veggies would make it thicker like meat gravy…..

couillonavirus says:

Look very watery….


Jasper Hazelnut

Liliana Herrera says:

I loved it! , please do share more vegan or vegetarian recipes. Thx alot. Cheers 🇲🇽 a

C says:

Has anyone made this? I'm curious about the coffee flavour!!

Adequate Sauce says:

I was disappointed when it didn't start with, "Start with one medium sized vegan, skinned and boned. "

Raphael says:

Me the First 30 seconds: Oh nice guy

ipercalisse says:

I dont know why but it's like to watch Bilbo Baggins preparing vegan food in his hobbit place

Daniel Watson says:

dont put a GF sticker on your product if it contains flour. your thumbnail is missleading

SallyAnn21 says:

I have made this. It's delicious.

Dana Alexander says:

It looks thin

Reina de Grillos says:

I'm thinking of doing this recipe for my Christmas dinner. Thank you.

CIRICE666 says:

I made this last year , it kept the meat eaters happy as well as the vegans . I crankupthe flavour by adding some dried porcinni mushrooms to the hot stock

Nat Le says:

Can you make it thicker ?

Whoops says:

Chefs that scower at making vegan dishes are not chefs at all. Once you go vegan, the menu opens up and the true test of chef-e-ness comes out. Nice recipe. Good work.

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