New York Jazz Music 10 Hours – Relax Jazz Bar Classics

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The Best Playlist of Relaxing New York Jazz Bar Classics Music for Full 10 Hours! Music by Richard Freeman

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Joshua Lee says:

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Sue Black says:

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E Pang says:

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A Striver of Strength & Knowledge says:

Throughout this year with the pandemic, my itch in traveling not just New York but other places in the world has grown stronger than ever! Too bad college work is holding me back….

Северьян Тарба says:


opinabile yt says:

I always put on this while playing pool

dean smith says:

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Dora Diaz says:

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LE LU says:

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Christina S. says:

This was so amazing, I literally felt in heaven with the background and the music actually reminds me of New York. (P.S I’ve been to New York like 5 times, comment if you’ve ever have or how many times you have.

E Pang says:

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Aidan says:

I love this

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