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It’s time for Canadian Thanksgiving friends! Here’s a delicious appetizer that vegans and non-vegans will love. It’s flakey vegan phyllo pastry stuffed with a seasoned tofu feta mixture, spinach, and fresh basil. These little morsels melt in your mouth and are going to fly off the table!

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Ant V says:

How much oz is a brick of tofu ?

Erin D says:


Ruby Maria says:

Making these for Christmas tonight!!

Waxeye says:

Yum, thanks for guidance! You say phyllo, we say filo!

Konscious Kat says:

Yyyyayyy i learned how to use finally.

Brooke Lemmo says:

I saute onions mushrooms and garlic and then add the spinach and wilt — then mix with tofu et al. Yum!

Alex Gatto says:

Guuuurl you gotta BRINE that tofu to get convincing feta!! Marinate it overnight (add some olive brine for extra pizzazz) and it's INDISTINGUISHABLE from dairy feta.'

Courtneyelizabeth says:

An easier way to work with phyllo is take one sheet coat in butter fold in half like a book coat with butter again, fold it one more time like a book until you have a thin strip, put your filling and fold into a triangle! then one sheet is one triangle 🙂

GothicaBeauty. says:

Isn’t it called filo pastry not phyllo?

Agnieszka says:

Green olives brine works perfectly for tofu feta!

Debora C says:

I've made these a number of times. They are excellent. I add different fillings each time…not just spinach. Tonight, I sauteed onions peppers and mushrooms, then added that to the tofu filling and it was so good.I use Trader Joe's Island Soyaki sauce to dip them in. I don't add the Olive oil since I sauté the veggies in vegan butter. Yum. They are even good cold.

Mackenzie J says:

Thinking of trying this with homemade almond ricotta……

Wake Up says:

I’m vegetarian but plan on going vegan

SariJiGo says:

I am making this for Xmas lunch today! Merry Xmas to you all

Jovis says:

simple ingredients… and the next second she shows nutritional yeast, which is impossible to get in where I live… I lost hope. every single goddamn recipe has it.

Raquel Sosa says:

I just made them!!! I love them!!! thanks for a great recipe!!!!!

Mo Mohamed says:

I love easy recipes like these that make a large amount. Great for vegan college students like myself.

Shelsy Cacho says:

just made these. soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood. Edit: these do not heat up well for meal prep unless yu have a oven /toaster/ mini oven.

Zeus Becker says:

I ate the whole batch in 2 days by myself!!! was worth it.

Annabelle Alpar says:

What Can I use instead of spinaxh

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