Vegetable Menudo Recipe | How to cook Filipino Menudo

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Hi everyone! Sharing my Healthy Version of Filipino dish, Menudo!
This hearty tomato stew is studded with colorful vegetables. I use fresh tomatoes in place of canned tomato sauce for deep flavor.

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Wa o amazing,
Very nice, fantastic

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Reyn-nyer Nuera says:

Thank you so much for the recipe <3

Aditi Bansal says:

Its like mixed vegetable. Thanks for the recipe

Russel Velez says:

thank you!!!

Jenn Viray says:

Hi. Okay lang ba kahit ibang klase ng mushroom gamitin? Thanks

Lasang Halaman says:

Lagyan ko nga ng laurel leaf ang veggie menudo ko next time. Thank you! 😍

cjane de leon says:

You are a life saver!!! I’m transitioning to becoming a vegetarian, but i can’t give up Filipino food!!! Thank you soooooo much! Can’t wait to try this!

forge s says:

More nutritious than using pork.

NinjutsU 18 says:

Please like and share and please don’t forget to subscribe to my brothers vlog/blog thank you 😊

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