Can vegetarians save the planet?

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Many consider vegetarians the new superheroes, able to stop climate change and global warming. They eat no meat and so have a reduced carbon footprint. But is that really true? An avocado can actually do more damage to the environment than a steak. Environmental vegetarianism – fact or fiction?


Marwan The Kirby says:

vegans are not saving the planet and being vegan isn't the healthier option either.

Joesean Foo says:

Plants need water so vegan will destroy the whole world

JamesyBoi712 says:

Simple. get rid of humans

daniel prince says:

Eating Fresh freerange meat, and organically grown veggies and fruits is good for the planet.

Jack says:

No crops destroy all the trees and wildlife and there are tens of millions of dogs and cats eating meat and funding the mear trade.These videos are not balanced or true

Jack says:

Pesticide.herbacide and fungacide have destroyed all the forests and wildlife.

Equinsu Ocha says:

Vegans fart too ya know? A lot.

Laurent DUBET-DROUET says:

#infox #fakenews

Grazed and Confused ? How much can grazing livestock help to mitigate climate change ? – Tara Garnett University of Oxford's Food Climate Research Network

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Nationwide shift to grass-fed beef requires larger cattle population

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"Moving from current diets to a diet that excludes animal products has transformative potential,reducing food’s land use by 3.1 (2.8-3.3) billion hectares (a 76% reduction), including a 19% reduction in arable land".

"We find that the impacts of the lowest-impact animal products exceed average impacts of substitute vegetable proteins across GHG emissions, eutrophication, acidification (excluding nuts), and frequently land use" – Science 360 6392 987 – Accepted Manuscript.pdf

Vegan Diet's Environmental Impact Up to 84 Percent Less

Veganism is 'single biggest way' to reduce – by 73% – our environmental impact on planet, study finds

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Meat-eaters may speed worldwide species extinction, study warns

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L’ONU (avec l'UNEP) recommande de devenir vegan, et de taxer la viande

UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet

Dairy Milk Results in Three Times More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Vegan Milk

Study suggests meat and dairy industry on track to surpass oil companies as biggest greenhouse gas emitters

Les Nations Unies (ONU – UNEP) reconnaissent que le végétalisme peut sauver le monde !

Taxes on Meat Could Join Carbon and Sugar to Help Limit Emissions

Not much chop: Scientists say a tax on red meat will save lives and the planet

15,000 Scientists From 184 Countries Urge People to Go Vegan to Save the Planet

Veganism Could Take Us Halfway To Meeting Our Climate Goals, Study Says

United Nation (ONU) says veganism can save the world from destruction
télécharger le rapport complet des Nations Unies .pdf

Go vegan, save the world ? Study highlights benefits of eating more plants

The Global Livestock Production and Health Atlas #FAO

A report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation #FAO links 70% of human diseases to animal agriculture !

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Humans must adopt vegetarian diet and #goVegan to stop climate change, UN report warns

"Veganism could save the world, new study argues" the team reports today in Nature Communications

Contre le changement climatique, le rapport du #Giec préconise un régime végétarien

La planète ne digère pas notre consommation de viande

Quand l’industrie de la viande dévore la planète

Meat and dairy companies to surpass oil industry as world’s biggest polluters, report finds

Meat eaters are destroying the planet, says WWF's report

Overuse of antibiotics in farming is a major new threat to human health, says UN

Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth

Réduire l’impact environnemental de la nourriture via les producteurs et les consommateurs l’importante étude de Peters et al.

Comment réduire l'impact de l'agriculture mondiale sur la planète ? Pour les scientifiques, la seule solution, c'est #goVegan

Humans Need to Stop Eating Meat to Reduce Climate Change Crises, Says David Attenborough

Une étude prévoit que nous serons tous végétariens dans moins de 40 ans à cause du manque d'eau

Bryony Hendry says:

Veggie for a few months now ❣️

Stephen Hoskins says:

If we are all gonna die anyway who cares?

nush pahariya says:

Being vegetarian is so easy. I've been one all my life and am living happily and healthy.

A says:

too many false claims

Peter Jolliffe says:

By far the easiest way to save the human race is to make it worthwhile to share the jobs we actually do NEED people to do and work LESS.

CarterhaughBooks says:

Well, DW, over the years I've had a lot of respect for your fairness and accuracy. And now, you've completely blown it. What's the REAL point of such obviously fallacious, false-equivalent, cherry-picked bits of data? First you point out that the methane from cows is far worse for the planet than all combined plane use. Then you criticize the use of planes to transport one particular plant product to Europe. But you just said that planes aren't nearly as bad as animal-farming! Next — do you have any data suggesting that "most or all vegetarians" subsist ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY on Chilean avocados? (Rather than on grains, legumes, and more flexible veggies such as carrots, onions, and peppers.) I'm veg for 45 years, vegan the last 20, I live in California (where, surprise, we grow avo's right here) and I eat some avo once a month at most. What about people who eat large amounts of meat and dairy, but also eat a lot of avo's? Are you implying that there are many extra plane flights from South America to Europe, which are filled with NOTHING but avocados, ONLY to sate some imagined, overwhelming veg*n demand for them? Are we to think that those flights (and the pollution from them) could be completely eliminated by simply forcing veg*ns to switch to eating all meat and dairy, instead of any plant products which might turn out to have been on a plane? Perhaps Europeans should also stop wearing alpaca coats, because I'll bet that alpaca wool cloth requires several unnecessary planes flying from South America full of nothing else, too! I see you didn't mention the vast amount of soil and water pollution caused by runoff from feed-lots and abattoirs So, the ones producing "local" meat don't produce "local" pollution? How about all the animals raised in China for meat exporting to countries thousands of miles away? NOT being shipped by plane, according to you? And this idea that cow poop is helping the planet by making more grass grow – absurd. Do you really expect anyone to believe that deforestation of large areas of Brazilian rainforest is being offset by some grass growing where once there used to be tall trees, vines, and understory all flourishing and absorbing CO2? I see you ridiculously over-simplified, by not figuring in human-health costs: of working in an abattoir, or from eating deadly meat-borne bacteria, or from simply being addicted to a diet that is prone to cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Ultimately human health also radically impacts the planet. You wouldn't believe the amount of waste generated by a single person bedridden with terminal cancer. My final thought: this stupid little hit-piece sounds exactly like it was created by some guy who is still pissed off at the veg*n girl who recently dumped him because he wasn't even willing to TRY giving up his meat addiction. So, spiteful meat-based-lifestyle defender, maybe you should get some therapy and find out what's so twisted in your personality & values, that you have to create dishonest drivel like this, perhaps as a personal trolling of someone who made you feel inadequate. You know, it might not ONLY be your dietary choices that led to her dumping you.

am designs says:

Interesting how you use the highest water needing fruit than what 90% of the other foods veggies eat… local fruits vegetables grains pulses to name a few
Vegan is the most environmental option to reduce carbon footprint
Vegetarian still contributes greatly three cows milk and hens eggs and in turn contribute to the meat industry when these animals are killed

Kristina Jakob says:

You can buy local fruits and veggies
I learned at school that it is helpful too be vegetarian or vegan

Krisztián Kőrösi says:

Thank you so much DW for adding up the numbers and being objective as always. This is exactly what I said for years when vegans were arguing with me.

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Alexander Hay-Whitton says:

Nothing but population control can save us.

Ou8y2k2 says:

Answer: no.

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