How to Make The Best Vegan Tamales!

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‘Tis the season…for tamales! Today we are making some killer vegan tamales and we hope you enjoy 🙂

⋇ Find our regular Vegan Tamales recipe here:
⋇ Find our oil-free Vegan Tamales recipe here:

⋇ Recipe videos edited by Ray Dippolito

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Brissa Pacheco says:

That look so yummy😋

Adam Meek says:

learn how to say 'a'

A frend
A man
A cat

A as in Ago Alive Anew.
Repeat 1000x

Josh I. says:

WTF is "cook down?" What does that mean? Does cooking down have a time frame?

Ana Banana says:

OK like Diez K-B below I have also had a bag of masa for months but been afraid of the time commitment but you guys made it sound fun, so gonna go 4 it!

Erika Dangerfield says:

What about jackfruit tamales?

C_ Farther says:

Every word has a hand gesture, go to college and learn to communicate! You eat like peasants, pigs. I watched this without sound, maybe these people should have done that.

Jeremy Moore says:

Love the oil-free option!

L M says:

I’m here to say that I made your oil-free tamales, and they were INCREDIBLE. My family devoured all of them in two days and basically fought over the leftovers. Thank you so much for posting that version! We will make these again and again. ☮️🌿🌈

Esca Madaii says:

Have you ever had Hibiscus "meat"??
It's seriously life changing! I'm making Hibiscus Tamales with my mom this weekend! 😋

Caroline King says:

Loved drunk Chris😂😂

Mekare Maurin says:

Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Imperfectly Perkins says:

Even before I went vegan, I was not much of a meat eater. The exception to that was TAMALES! I'm definitely going to make these!!!


These hypocrites are eating cheese in their tamales they are not vegan

R N says:

I love them with red or green chile 😍. To be fair I like most foods covered in chile…

Carolina Lomeli says:

Corn, onion and zucchini tamales, with or without cheese. You need to try them!



Luna Betancourt says:

Don't use canned foods, there really bad👎 for your health, and for the environment!

Natasha Letourneau says:

You both did a great job on this video!!!

AngryNotSoOldHippy says:

🙂 I also love the fact that garlic goes in. 🙂 Always!

AngryNotSoOldHippy says:

🙂 I'm addicted to tamales, vegan, habenro chilies, green olives, refried beans, i've never done potato though, that's an interesting idea. 🙂 I ususually cook like 400 of the damn things, freeze about 300 of them. 🙂

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