Restaurant serves up vegetarian reworkings of Thai and Taiwan cuisine

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Let”s head now to a traditional Buddhist vegan restaurant in Taipei. Lots of classic meat dishes from across Taiwan and Thailand have been reimagined in the vegan style. From pad krapow to chicken in rice wine, this place has it all.

The Thai dish pad krapow is full of flavor, fragrant and delicious. You couldn’t guess on sight that the supposed meat is actually tofu. The pad krapow goes nicely in a crispy toast wrap.

Ginger, chiles and Mexican turnip are fried.

Usually Chinese basil is the last to hit the pan but this time it was first and infuses all the ingredients.

Next it’s diced tofu, stirred to soak up the sauce. The chef turns the heat up high for the last stint, before drizzling on lemon juice and chile sauce.

Chen Chien-hung
Second chef
We’re making Thai cuisine in a Chinese-style way. There aren’t many spices – we can’t use garlic or spring onion, so we definitely need the basil and ginger for some extra flavor.

The restaurant even makes vegetarian beef noodles, serving up six veggies in a tomato-base soup, with fresh and dried tomatoes, and pre-braised tofu.

And on top it looks like a sprinkle of spring onion, but actually it’s “biyusun,” which has a similar texture.

Chen Chien-hung
Second chef
Biyusun is the stem of the orange day-lily. It’s like spring onion. Almost all vegetarian chefs use it to replace spring onion.

And lastly, a dish of lion’s mane mushroom with date-plums. The lion’s mane has spent a whole day marinating in wine, and gets one more dousing before being served. It’s as intoxicating as the classic chicken in wine. This spot is the perfect choice for those looking for a Taiwan-Thailand fusion banquet, vegetarian-style.


Cheryl J says:

Yay! Can't wait to go! Everything looks so yummy!! 🤤🤤🤤

o0Avalon0o says:

Honestly, that all looks delicious.

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