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Joaquin Phoenix recently starred in the DC Batman’s origin story “Joker,” directed by Todd Phillips. Phoenix has been vegan since the age of 3 years old, and has used his fame to help improve animal welfare. Prior to receiving an award at the Toronto International Film Festival for his performance in “Joker,” the star stopped by a local subway station to show his support for an animal welfare campaign called “Be Fair Be Vegan.” The actor was also spotted wearing an Animal Liberation Front sweatshirt to opening day screenings of “Joker” in Los Angeles.

He has been an animal advocate for years, starring in a vegan thanksgiving campaign in the 1990s. Since then, the “Walk the Line” star has lent his voice to vegan documentaries, 2005’s “Earthlings” and 2018’s “Dominion.” Most recently, he has been featured on a billboard in New York City, with the tagline End Speciesism. The star has also spoken out about wool, fishing, and the use of dogs in the leather industry.

Phoenix has recently gotten engaged to fellow vegan actor Rooney Mara. The couple met on the set of 2013’s “Her,” but fell in love during filming of 2018’s “Mary Magdalene.” Mara engages in animal activism as well, and joined Phoenix in a mock funeral procession for animals in June 2019. The goal of the campaign was to shed light on the abuse of animals in the food, fashion, entertainment, and scientific research industries.

Mara also founded a vegan fashion line called Hiraeth. It was born out of the desire to create a fashion line that is durable, fashionable, and is cruelty-free in regards to animals and in regards to humans.

What’s your favorite Joaquin Phoenix vegan moment?

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What do you think of Phoenix's activism?

Matthias Schmid says:

This man is a true hero!

Ujuani68 says:

He was used by grown-ups in the entertainment industry as a child, and his "parents" were in the horrible cult Children of God, that was forcing kids to sing for money in South America and worse. I admire his ability to stay sane. In this horrible, evil, cruel, selfish world…

Jean Pierre Castro says:

I mostly ate meat, dairy and eggs all my life until December 1st, 2020. The films Game Changer, What The Health, and Cowspiracy made me realize that eating meat kills human beings, the environment, and innocent animals. So I stop eating meat, fish, eggs, and consuming dairy products. I feel good that I am saving my health from diseases related to animal agriculture, harming other human beings, helping the environment, and stop consuming innocent creatures from the animal agriculture.

Greg Labadia says:

I admire and appreciate what Joaquin Phoenix is doing!! I hope and pray that some day that they will shut down factory farming and the dairy industry so that these precious animals can live in peace!

Natalie Perri says:

I've been vegan for a month or so now. I do however, have to disagree with dogs being vegan. Is it just me? I always thought that dogs required meat in their diets. But I don't know if anyone else knows more about this ~ I'm interested in reading more!!

Christine Chapsal says:

i'm a coward , must admit it, i haven't been able to watch the slaughter moments because my sensitivity can't stand it ,i 'll be depressed for a while
but i know these things happen every second in the f * world , i'm vegan , i make donations to animal rights organizations , it's just my way to contribute to animals welfare-but i can't watch barbarism
fortunately you are here , braver than i am

Massimiliano Basalari says:

Forever vegan

josh nieboer says:

Just learned about all.of.this the other day I have switched to almond milk now it sucks but I will get use to it. Save these animals/ at least don't boil them alive

Piyush Nautiyal says:

We should support him because there are only few celebrities who use their fame for good things.

Blank. says:

I'm sorry did you say… his dog is vegan? Dogs… aren't suppose to be vegan. Don't come after me I'm vegan.

Jackie Kenney says:

What a beautiful heart . Joaquin Pheonix is.
I get saddened to think how our innocent scared animals suffer needlessly at the hands of cruel hearted men and women today and centuries past.
Let’s aim to make animal abuse and cruelty against all life a serious crime.
The use of hidden cameras and drones are a great way to help us combat the evil perpetrators that kill our poor defenceless animals everyday throughout the planet .
Let’s help protect our livestock family pets and all our wild animals suffering disgusting torture at the hands of the bad evil men and women among us .

Beth Dupont says:

I just love this guy! 👍💝

Vic Laney says:

Joaquin and Mara: Fine examples of humankind at its best. Thank-you. Will be praying for the world's enlightenment through your words of wisdom, acts of kindness and exemplary standards regarding mankind's treatment of those with neither voice nor authority in the fending for themselves.

Vic Laney says:

To Joaquim and wife: First students, then teachers then activists. Helping to lead the rest of the world out of the dark ages into the light. We thank you. Blessings, always!

Blue Flamingo says:

REMINDER: Only go vegan if you can, and if you can take care of yourself well.

HisQueen420 says:

My family and I went vegan and our dogs did as well..my 10 year old son just told me he got into a debate with his school teacher a week ago about why we should not eat animals while his teacher tried to sway him into why its good for us. He stood his ground and I was so proud of him! He is my hope for future generations💚
He added this morning that he is the ONLY vegan in his class

treacherousviper says:

Until they said his dog was vegan…

Jorge Barbosa says:

He represents the real human race, the race that feels compassion and love for all the animals.

Goutam Burnwal says:

I too inspired from him😎

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