Bill Buford and His Sons Make Steak Tartare | The New Yorker

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Bill Buford and his sons demystify the classic French dish. Don’t fear the steak tartare.

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Bill Buford and His Sons Make Steak Tartare | The New Yorker


Joshua Lee says:

The end result looks nothing like the thumbnail…

Dj Doolittle says:

Do you still drum Bill ?

Ray's Room says:

he's posed like that one meme in the thumbnail hehe

adolfothemidget says:

In 1967 while at Expo 67 in Montreal, I had steak tartare for the very first time. The menu included a description of all the ingredients, e.g. egg yolk, mustard, oil, chopped shallots, capers, cornichon, etc.,… and raw beef. 
Apparently some previous diners didn't believe the printed description because a poor staff member had been ordered to handwrite the words "IT IS RAW!" on each and every menu.

AstroRex says:

Well that was annoying.

Jerome Felipe says:

I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

Avocadog the Great says:

He's making steak tartare with a cat in the house. Very brave.

happyfrancis says:

More videos! More Jessica!

Reapermask says:

What is there just a bowel in the freezer

emf 303 says:

"Let them eat steak"

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