HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS | 5 Recipes = 173g Protein

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Please do not count macros or calories (unless you need to for specific health reasons). The measurements and macros in this video are just for your information and to show you that you can get protein on a vegan diet. Life is more than calculating macros, and after years of not doing it, adding it up for this video was exhausting haha. Eat what feels good for you and what makes you happy!

r e c i p e s

tlt sandwich // https://bit.ly/2KptSSJ
bbq tofu quinoa bowl // https://bit.ly/2vZO6iZ
protein oats // https://bit.ly/2I8TTru
lentil and walnut salad // https://bit.ly/2FxAjQ6
chilli con protein // https://bit.ly/2I4gd5w

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Madeleine Olivia says:

But where do you get your protein? I'm answering that question in today's recipe video! Each recipe is linked in the description so check it out! ALSO this video is not to tell you that you should be counting the amount of protein you're eating, or measuring anything out, this was purely done for your information to show how much protein you CAN get from plants. ALSO before I receive another comment about soy being too high in estrogen for men IT IS A MYTH! Soy has PHYTOestrogens which is different from estrogen and affects us differently (we aren’t plants). You should be more concerned with the actual estrogen in animal products, because manboobs are much more likely to be a result of overeating diary than soy. https://freefromharm.org/health-nutrition/vegan-doctor-addresses-soy-myths-and-misinformation/

jimmy cricket says:

though i don't worry about fat i do pay attention a little to macros as for me protien is key to my training and id have to halve that salad couldn't eat all that as 1 meal myself though your recipes gave me ideas and i can adjust to suit my needs so thankyou

Morgan Miracle says:

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Zeljka says:

wow have to trie these… 😬

Samuel Spiro says:

Awesome recipes! Wow that was really cool! You are a great chef!🥦

yohannes estefanos says:

may be 3 to 5 % BIO, THE REST ARE 97% INGREDIENTS ARE FROZEN ON FRIDGES WHICH IS NOT ORGANIC,, THAS WHY HIER IN DEVELOPED COUNTRY PEOPLE SUFFER FROM CANCERS AND BLA BLA,,so when are u start living organic and stay away of this fake food in supermarkets,,,,this world haS enough to give NON STOP ,UNLESS THE POLITIC WANT TO SAIL THIER FAKE SHIT,,,,GOD HELP US ALL,,,

Emily says:

Madeline: eats tons of fruits and veg with healthy nuts and seeds

Comment section: SO MANY CALORIES OMG

Y’all are toxic

Aleph Zero says:

Thank you. I searched for "Vegan summer meals" and this hit the nail on the head. Respect from Australia 🇦🇺

jai Sankey says:

People that measure macros is more to do with building and trimming. But if you want just healthy then its fine to not count. But you need to be getting enough protein and fat into your diet atleast.

Xturbed says:

Wtf you find all this stuff

Lisa Crowley says:

Wow , i just found your channel , amazing meals

قصص حياة says:

Download the amazing free book titled The Vegan Cookbook for Athletes: 45 high-protein delicious recipes for a plant-based diet plan and healthy Book link http://go-upload.com/d2f2dbV

Tom Arto says:

Soya gives you Moobs – FACT. Ketchup is really unhealthy sugary shite – FACT.

Condy Loid says:

I can’t find any high protein vegetarian meals on youtube. They are all vegan. Maaan why yall jump straight into the deep end, imma just getting started on vegetarian yo! … tbf i could just follow these vegan recipes i guess…

Michael Azarov says:

Thats a lot of carbs!

tdb5318 says:

Where the fuck is the mayonnaise in this sandwiche?

Leonora Brebner says:

It all looks soooo good!!

Kathy Woodward says:

I really enjoyed these. Thank you.

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