How to make vegan Mechado

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Mechado is a meaty Filipino stew that’s popular for being incredibly rich and tasty. For the full recipe:


daylindac says:

i have the feeling like mechado and kaldereta are the same? am i wrong?

Inspiron226 SFP says:

I love your videos, thank you Maam RG for sharing your recipe for vegan pinoy style.

Norizelle Abaya says:

Saan po makakabili ng meat magic?

Jossa Rodriguez says:

Hello, i tried to cook using meat magic, however, i still got an aftertaste even after following the procedures carefully, why is that? Huhu can i wash it more than 3x or is it really just impossible to remove the aftertaste?

Barbz Kitchen says:

wonderful recipes

Sherry 88 says:

We're the mushrooms cooked already before adding?

Germs Ocag says:

Thank you for sharing this recipe. Its helps a lot

Austin D says:

hi! please make a recipe for sinigang 🙂 🤗


pwede po ba lagyan ng canned shitake mushrooms?

Jessica Jumadiao says:

I suggest do this asmr. You can get video inspiration from channels like 'haegreendal' which is also a does cooking videos but with that aesthetic. I think that will really make this channel be known. I didnt even know you had a yt channel; I jist follow you on ig. But yeah thank you so much! I recently started cooking though I won't go all vegan. I'm also practicing zero waste (its totally impossible here but I'm making the best of it). And I do yoga in the morning just for 10 minutes (Imz lazzyyy). Keep it up! Hope you keep making videos so that people like me can make our little change and hopefully inspire others to do so too :).

uni corn says:

Wecome back Rc!?!?!

I hope you continue you vegan journey…..hope you all the best….

Khreinan Booster says:

sarap na man nyan! ^_^

Nathalie M says:

Yay keep it up <3 come back to Toronto !!!

patty 8873 says:

I think jackfruit would work in this as the meat substitute. Would you agree?

lolaxlove says:

Oh my gosh!😻 my mom always makes this stew but the traditional way and I don’t eat it of course. Can’t wait to try this recipe! 💚💜😋❤️🍚🌿🍅🥕🥔

Shay Cam says:

That looks amazing!!

echeeeko says:

This looks amazing!!!

Sherie says:

Are you living in the php now?? San Fran will miss you!

MsLansones says:


Andrea Alvarado says:

I hope you release a cookbook one day. I will definitely support it.

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