Ranking the Best Vegan Holiday Nogs | Vegan Egg Nogs from Worst to Best

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Join me in this Vegan Egg Nog Taste Test where I rank some of the best Vegan Holiday Nogs from Worst to Best.

Contenders include:
Silk Soy Holiday Nog
So Delicious Holiday Nog
Califia Farms Holiday Nog
Aldi’s Almond Nog
Trader Joe’s Almond Nog


I_ am_ BLuR says:

Sipped on a little Silk Nog with a little (lot) of Maker's Mark last night. 🙂 Thanks for this video! Merry Christmas!

Oh No says:

And I can't find a single one in my entire city! My old tiny town used to have Silk nog, go figure

Just a Vegan Excited About Beans says:

Here from r/veghumor. Lol I think all nog is gross but you had me cracking up! 5/5 🎄would watch again.

Al Lanae Guertin says:

I've tried all of them and I couldn't agree more! Almond Breeze is best, followed by Silk nog. Thank you for doing the review! Definitely have a new subscriber out of me. 🌸🤍

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