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The best vegetarian chili recipe I’ve made so far. Butternut Squash adds a sweetness to the chili flavor. Watch the cornbread recipe video here:
This is an easy chili recipe to make using a can of beans and a butternut squash. It takes about 45 minutes to cook. It tastes best the next day.

Recipe here:

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Isabella Escamilla says:

Great video!!

Gumby R0b0t says:

Wow! You're awesome lol.
Why did I not know about this channel until now.
Bio composters rule!

Megan Lee Donaldson says:

Omg can't wait to try this. Heading to the store now!!!

M Mahtnart says:

LMAO! I thought I saw Fritos. But no! It's Butternut Squash. LMAO!

Ceola Page says:

Great recipe. I luv butternut squash. The ingredients you used seems to give it a superb chili flavor. I luv the way you combined the two seasonings in the hot oil seems as of if will give the dish the true effects of chili. Great idea! So flavorful! However; I’m not too sure about the chocolate cocoa powder. Seems a bit over the top for me but it just might work for others just as it works for you. I never put pinto beans in my chili I always use Busch kidney or black beans. I also add a 16 Oz can of hunts tomato sauce to give it a rich dark red color,m. I never used tubed tomato paste before but I’ll give it a shot next time. Oh, you didn’t share how you made your maple corn bread I was really looking forward to the recipe. I’ll try your chili recipe and keep you posted on how it actually turned out. Until next time! Thx so much for sharing!

Marybelle Flores says:

I loveeeee this chili so much especially on baked sweet potatoes! It’s the best thank youuuu

Grunt Proof says:

great but this is kinda hippie-ish. The "Vegan Unleashed" dude has a meatier, manly version that's VEGAN

Marten says:

Moe and I watched your video. Tomorrow, we will plan on making cornbread and chili!
Thanks for the ideas!

Bluesjanet says:

Thanks. I was specifically looking for a recipe that incorporated butternut squash into chili. Nice vid. Great dogs (we have a yellow lab too but he's a Guide Dog so no carrots for him, just his food out of his own dish 😉 ) Can't wait to try your butternut squash recipe! Also, I like it that you have such great loud cooking and chopping sounds. 😀 (One of use here can't see–only hear). So I appreciate the sounds. 🙂

Tanska says:

I'm gonna be trying this tonight for me and the kids! Thank you so much 🙂

Alondra Vargas says:

Sounds good. Do you have to use a Dutch oven? Brooklynite?

DutchDuchess says:

That looks amazing, YUM! Can't wait to try this with the cacao powder. I always like to spice up my chili with some peaches (fresh or canned, whatever is available). Adds a nice warm sweetness to the dish. Love to see the dogs enjoy the water 🙂

Quaffel Waffel says:

Big fan of your biodigesters! Have a 4 month old one at home and now he will get all my carrot ends!

LoLo Sherwood says:

Can't wait to try it!  So in another chili recipe I use (for turkey or chicken) it has some liquid smoke (yum!) and it actually uses some expresso in it– which makes it dark and somehow brings richness to it— wonder if that would be good with butternut too?  Thanks again!!

CorgiConnect says:

I made this tonight and it came out AMAZING!  I added a cup of red wine before the tomato's and a little more of the spices at the end to increase the depth of flavor.  I really like tomato paste so I used a whole can as well.  This is as good as any meat chili, thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

Billie Crane says:

Update! Made this the other day and it was a huge hit at my house,!

Tina Crapson says:

hee hee hee….tell my husband that 🙂

73lmargaret says:

The best type of biocomposter…. is chickens. When I had them almost all my compost went to them. Shredded paper can get thrown in the coop and the run. Even the stuff they don't eat they will turn for you. Just harvest from the chicken run at will. They also ate tuns of unwanted bugs in the garden. Plus eggs.

Tina Crapson says:

Who's "the boss", who's often mentioned?

Scott Gillespie says:

Do you think I could use pumpkin instead of butternut squash? I have a pumpkin, onions, and carrots in my cold storage and I'm looking for ways to use them.

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