How to make Vegetable Lasagna/lasagne recipe from scratch/Step by step Lasagna recipe

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Hello evereyone, today I will show you how to prepare Vegetable Lasagne, it is an Italian food. It is vegetable mixed with sauce and layered in between of the lasagne sheets. Also I found many recipes to be a little bland but I add a little spicy touch to it with chili flakes. Also there is no particular rule for adding the veggies, usually I like the combination of mushrooms and spinach, hence that’s on my mind everytime 😉
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Anu Mohanamoorti says:

I like the instructions and my version came out well. But I used a round bowl from borosil. I completely skipped butter

Neel Choksi says:

My lasagna wasn’t cooked in 20 minutes. I had to keep it for 30 minutes in the oven at higher temperature.

Sid k says:

Tried for the first time and u know what – it was yummy cheesy delicious 🤤

Glad i read thru some reviews and avoided common mistakes😀

I followed exact same recipe and it had nice flavours with mild spice.

Some tips n tricks –

You need to fill up a whole tray so be generous with ingredients for all layers.
– 2 cups of tomatoes needed for 3 layers
– I used 3 tablespoons APF (maida) and 3 cups of milk to prepare white sauce and it was just enough (ofcourse with other ingredients in the recipe)
– Veggies i used- carrots, beans, spinach, bell peppers, cauliflower, onions – chop super small and saute nicely with little or no water. If u chop veggies big, lasanga will be watery.

I boiled whole wheat pasta sheet for 10 mins and separated each layer so doesnt stick to each other until you start layering up.

Baked in the oven as per recipe 350F.
20 mins closed and 35 mins open for nice brown top cheese layer 😋😋 (i could not use broil option to brown the cheese as i used glass baking tray)

Its quite a elaborate recipe. First time making this so Took 2.5 hrs to prepare n layer up. Another 55 mins in the oven, so plan timing accordingly.

Hope this was helpful!
Enjoy !🤤🤤🤤

hinasutaria says:

Hello, I have cook today lasagna recipe .It becomes good in test. But I have one complain,that I use the pre cook lasaniya sheet but at the end of recipe the sheet not cook. So can you solve my problem. Next time what I should do. Pl answer me. Thank you for teach lasagna.👍

Natalie Feldman says:

That looks amazing 👏

hinasutaria says:

Cover it with aluminium foil is necessary?

Anusha Bhardwaj says:

Everytime im about to make lasagne I watch this my whole fam loves it! I’ve made this in quarantine about 4 times now 😋 and even before that! I used to cook this it’s delicious with a little Indian touch and when my white frjends come over they adore it!

Purnima Das says:

Can you plz good ve me the link of this lasagna pan? Please

Ana says:

Can we make this in microwave

lightning striker says:

The pasta queen would say "jusst gorjusssss"


Of all the lasagna videos this ones my fav because Feels a bit genuine and less like other robotic kitchen videos 😃

Parth Agarwal says:

Nice Recipie
Keep Working like this, one day you would become a very good chef.

May God bless you 🙏

Hasan Sings and Talks says:

You are blessed with cooking ski
Skills…jus wow keep uploading

Samson Adelaja says:

God bless u Chef 🙏

Aditi Nahar says:

Can we use processed cheese with mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar cheese?

Radha Thakur says:

Can the sauces be made in advance….a day earlier

manish gupta says:

Mouth Watering👍

Littleraindrops says:

Looks yummy

Preeti Chopra says:

Lasagne Sheets need to kept directly ? No boiling of them required as v do with pasta ? Plz reply.

Kohili Seemakurthi says:

Even after 5yrs I come back for this recipe ❤️

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