Chinese Vegetables in Szechuan Sauce – Vegan Vegetarian Recipe

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Chinese Mixed Vegetables in a Szechuan Sauce – Vegan Vegetarian Recipe
Food Ingredients:
Mixed Vegetables
-1 cup Cauliflower Florets
-1 cup Snow Peas
-1 Bell Pepper diced
-1/2 cup Carrots cut
-1 cup Mushrooms
1 cup Tofu diced and fried
1 Tomato chopped
1 Onion diced
3 Cloves pounded
3 Garlic Cloves chopped
3 tbsp Starch and 1 cup Water/Stock
1 tbsp Chili Paste (Lao Gan Ma)
2 tbsp Soy Sauce light
1 tbsp Soy Souce dark
1 tbsp Rice Wine (Shaoxing)
1 tbsp Sugar and 2 tbsp Oil

“Funky Chunk”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Karigapsa Raushni says:

Can we avoid tofu?

Caroline Narwani says:

I can’t find Lao gam ma chili paste only chili fried chili oil. What is the difference?

Emily says:

Tomatoes? Is this a normal ingredient in Chinese takeout? I've never heard of this

Dr Youtube says:

Great video! I'm a YouTuber with a cooking channel too!

skrewface says:

Thanks for the recipe. I've added a smidge of five-spices (it is a potent mix of condiments) and it was perfect .

Treasures adventures says:

Wow I have to say, I just made it and it taste sooo good, Even though I didnt have the extra sauces or wine, but still delicious 👏🤤

Blaze WhiteHorseRider says:

man man chi…

Tanzeel Ur Rehman Rehman says:

Wow very easy recipe is here

redniwsaj zie says:

Any substitute for the wine?
Non alcoholic.

Betty Varughese says:

Ingredients mentioned very small so can't figure out the veggies

Ondřej Vašaš says:

Fantastic recipe, thank you!

Shiva B says:

And I'm sure many disliked the video, becoz it says vegan

Rita J says:

I tried it and it's awesome, thank you!

Lakeisha Pogrzeba says:

nice veg choices. i think il try using gochujang instead of chilli paste and ground flax instead of starch and dates instead of sugar

Preeti Kaur says:

What is the name of mash room

Tempestni02 says:

good grief, that much starch? Should be called starch sauce. Try potato starch, you dont need anywhere near as much to thicken. It's the best thickener and sauces stay thick it doesn't thin out after a while and when deep frying the batter stays crispy and doesnt go soggy after a while.

gp vs says:

Terrible music with fantastic food.


Nyc sharing….

meenakshi verma says:

Bolker bta dete toh jyada better nhi rhta

Norris Hohn says:

Looks yummy

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