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Healthy. Easy. Vegan. Delicious. Gluten-free. Just a few key words to describe these VEGETARIAN STUFFED PEPPERS that the whole family will enjoy.

I suggest you add these VEGETARIAN STUFFED PEPPERS to your weekday meal rotation, not only for their ease of preparation but also for being fabulously healthy and 100% vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. Even with all that going for them, they have a memorable fresh taste and are light on the tummy. That’s pretty perfect!

Before you continue, please remember to bookmark this page for future reference – judging by how well they’re received whenever I make them, you’ll be coming back to this recipe often. And feel free to PIN this page to one of your Pinterest boards for future reference!

Before I list the highlights of this dish, let me first offer a suggestion on how to approach it – make this recipe your own. Aside from baking them as suggested, and for sure spooning a vegan version of our RICH TOMATO SAUCE on top, I encourage you to use your imagination and build your own unique flavour profiles, selecting the vegetables you most enjoy.

BELL PEPPERS – Red, green, yellow or orange, bell peppers are an excellent source of vitamins A and C plus dietary fibre. Ultimately though, bell peppers are key to this recipe for their appearance and function. The colours you pick will be key to the bold and beautiful presentation. The shape and hollow interior of the peppers are the perfect vessels for our stuffing.

QUINOA – Although I’m a big fan of stuffing peppers with the traditional meat and rice combination, quinoa seemed like an ideal option for this vegetarian version. Not only is this ancient grain jammed with protein, it’s also gluten-free. Cook the quinoa beforehand by simply steaming or boiling it, and remember that it almost triples in size when cooked (use ¼ cup of cooked quinoa per pepper as a guide).

VEGETABLES – I’ve come to appreciate a combination of both raw and cooked vegetables in these stuffed peppers to add to their flavour profiles. I like to sauté onions, garlic, mushrooms and celery to bring out their flavour, as well as root vegetables and sweet potatoes to soften them up a bit. Additional vegetables such as zucchini, asparagus, green and yellow beans, tomatoes and corn can be added to the stuffing mix raw; they’ll soften up nicely when the peppers are baked.

TOMATO SAUCE – The addition of a rich tomato sauce is the perfect topper for these beauties. Head to our 1-minute City Slicker video on how to make this favourite sauce, BUT swap out the butter for canola oil to create a dairy-free version that will satisfy all the vegans out there.

COOK TIME – Baking our stuffed peppers for 45 minutes at 375°F, followed by a final 15 minutes with the oven boosted to 400°F yields peppers that still have a bit of bite to them. Feel free to adjust the cook time and bake longer if you’d like them a bit softer.

Back in the day, I used to serve these VEGETARIAN STUFFED PEPPERS with a dollop of cream or yoghurt to add a bit of rich, creamy flavour. We’ve omitted this step in keeping with our objective of presenting a completely vegan version, but again, feel free to enjoy it as you wish.

Looking for something to serve with these? How about a tasty cup of soup before digging into your peppers? Try our CURRIED SQUASH SOUP WITH COCONUT – it’s fabulous too!

These easy-to-prepare VEGETARIAN STUFFED PEPPERS are a healthy alternative for your next meal. Enjoy!

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burnsloads says:

You sound so gay that my ass hurts.

Bhavana Prakash says:

Hi Nik, i have tried this recipe and am a huge fan of the amazing taste it has. Thankyou for sharing this one.

Mallika Ven says:

Beautiful dish! I'm looking for ways to incorporate more vitamin C into my diet and I learned that capsicums are one of the best sources. Actually I've never been a fan of capsicums, so recipes like these are of great help to me. Thank you!

Donna Chatham says:

Just made this and they’re absolutely delicious!!!!!!! Will be adding these to my rotation!

Nick Sebastien says:

Thank u so much! In the future, please write the temperature in celcius too. Im sure u have plenty europeans watching, and it takes me about 3 seconds to find out, but anyways 🙂 Thanks!

cathy phegley says:

Just discovered you! Love this recipe. And also love your instruction. Delightful!

cutenobi says:

I made this recipe. The filling was delicious. This is good for people who love bell peppers.

SunRae* ** says:

That's too darn pretty to eat. Ummm. Maybe not. Dee-lish.

Pallavi Bharadwaj says:

Made this for dinner and it saved the day! Thanks a lot for this recipe.

Jennifer DePanicis says:

Looks yummy

Michelle Stone says:

This is great! Making this today. More of these dishes please💕 thank you!

Justin Fort says:

I find this to be not only an informative video as for how one ought cook vegetarian stuffed peppers but most accurate in that it is one of few online recipes which does not use butter nor milk for the very vegan. And most importantly for me, the dish is really really good. May you please make more recordings like this if you can? I would appreciate them, @Weekend at the  Cottage.

D'Vine Inspirations By Martha says:

Not only is it delicious, I'm sure, but it is an absolutely beautiful dish. The vibrant colors alone make me want to eat some of it right now. Your blessed hands has done it again. This dish would be the star attraction at any dinner party. Tfs and keep right on cooking. 💕❤️💕

Cooking with Cricket (cricket516) says:

This looks very good!

The Baking Diva says:

I like stuffed peppers but never had them without meat. This is a nice vegetarian dish or even a side dish. Thanks for sharing ❤️ See you soon, Dolores

Mrs Kringle's Kitchen says:

I love being able to throw in veggie dishes a few times a week and this one is PERFECT! Awesome recipe!

Hailey Bakes says:

Looks amazing😍😋

Cash Sandra says:

Yay! Get to make this for my vegan friends! 🙂 Thanks for the receipe! 😀

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