How to make a proper ploughman's lunch | British recipes

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The ploughman’s lunch can be traced back for centuries. We as a nation have been consuming bread, cheese and onion for hundreds of years. it was poor mans food, a staple for labourers and farm workers, giving sustenance during a hard days graft. This basic ensemble of things would also often be found in many taverns across the land, and a lot of the time was all you could get unless they had a suspicious looking meat stew or pie.

The ploughman’s lunch gained popularity during the 1950’s, were the cheese bureau started promoting it as a way to increase the sale of cheese after the war. It then subsequently became even more popular during the 60’s when the milk board began promoting it nationally even more so. Now this once humble dish, has become a national favourite.

The problem though is so many places seem to get this simple meal completely wrong, by using inferior ingredients slapped on a plate with some half wilted lettuce. Calling that a ploughman’s is criminal. The modern ploughman’s lunch in my opinion is all about celebrating local produce and showing them off on one simple plate where everyone can dig in. The Spanish have tapas, the Italians anti-pasti and we have the ploughman’s lunch! Haha

Done right this meal is amazing and yet so simple. All of the work is done for you by the producers, which leaves you to just enjoy and appreciate good simple food. Go to your local market, butchers and producers and seek out those nice cheeses, baked hams and pickles. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but you’ll be richly rewarded and you’ll remember it for certain.

Now as i said in the video, there’s no strict recipe as such, so using my principles you can mix and match which ingredients you use.

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Cocker spaniel says:

Fantastic video thanks for sharing 😋🇮🇪

Jean Vignes says:

Thank you for an informative video. My grandmother (born in 1910 in North Dakota, USA) referred to this as a "cheese board". Several different high-quality cheeses, dill pickles & sweet gherkins, olives, brown German mustard, cherry tomatoes or sliced tomatoes fresh from the garden, sliced onions or spring onions, cold meats (sliced roast beef or roast poultry), butter, fruit (grapes, apples, or pears) and thick slices of bread. You can fancy it up and call it a charcuterie board. Add some pickled onions, Dijon mustard, soft cheeses like Brie, dried apricots, ripe figs, thin-sliced salami or prosciutto, pickled artichoke hearts, asparagus tips, water crackers or thin toast crisps, etc. I love that so many different cultures have their own take on this delicious "assortment of finger foods" for a mid-day meal (or pub snack).

Tytus El says:

I'm lucky then that I ate good ploughman's sandwich in Wales back in early 2000's..but to be honest there aren't many tasty dishes in British cuisine. There are exceptions but overall it is dull and sad.

Cooking the World says:

Today I was looking for some British sandwich recipes and I stumbled upon your video and wanted to thank for your detailed explanation. As a traditional food lover I enjoyed every second of it 😉 Coming from another country I have never had this lunch before and therefore I wanted to ask you if there are any rules on how to eat it properly? Do you put all ingredients on bread? And what do you with the apple? I am making it on Wednesday so please let me know, otherwise I will have to improvise 😂

Starla Outlaw says:

Thank you. I honestly would eat this platter everyday

Gary MacMillan says:

I had a ploughman’s lunch once. The ploughman was furious.

Kevin Hooper says:

Be fair would you allow some bugger with cow crap on his wellies to park his arse at your table while his ox is snuffling at the kitchen door .

Stephen Canessa says:

Big up the Sparkenhoe.

Beer Wonder says:

Can’t beat a bloody good ploughman’s. Cheers adam great video. 👍

sammi khan says:

simplicity was the best and healthy to.

Theresa smith says:

Hiya now that's what I call PROPA!

Peri Peri Hustle says:

wow…..and all these years I've been buying tesco's 'ploughmans lunch' sandwich. talk about reeducation

Cresent and star says:

That would be for 3 or 4 people

Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu says:

now give me a Heinkeken to wash that feast down!

Julie P says:

Thank you for this very informative video! I loved how you included the history of the Ploughman's Lunch. Well done.

anth18 says:

i saw the ploughman's lunch on Rick Steves and I wanted it sooooo badly. This is right up my alley. Thanks for posting this! Sending you love and support from Ventura, California!

Wayne Scace says:

I'm from the United States, I've only read of a Ploughman's lunch.
Author Tom Clancy first introduced me to the term… lol.
Thank you for showing me what one looks like when it's at home.

Helen Gollogly says:

Wow what a display of food! Amazing! The quality and content of your video has impressed me! You should have 100k subscribers! New subscriber here now!

Barbara Hallowell says:

Sooo MANY shite ones! I'd a a few odd walnuts for the apple and cheese. Beyond perfect though.

dystrophic says:

If you assembled that into sandwiches, do you think it would be worse? I've never had a Ploughman's Lunch.

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