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Hope you all enjoyed my vegan asian meals for prep for the week! Thank you to LKK for sponsoring this segment.

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Kitsune Udon Recipe
Soup Broth:

Japchae Noodles Recipe

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Canon 80D
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Sony A6300 w/ 16-50mm lens:
Sigma 16mm F1.4 Lens:
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Audio Technica Lav Microphone:
Blue Yeti Microphone:
Fovitec Bi-Color LED lights:
LED Lights:
Diva Supernova Ring Light:

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East Meets Kitchen says:

My meal plan video has arrived!!! And it is long! (watch this at a speed 1.5😜)I had so many things I included and it took forever to edit…any mistakes I made was purely because I got tired of listening to myself for the fifth time. Anyways, these are my favorite recipes that I make over and over again, so I hope you all enjoy it too❤️

Rebecca Ahmed says:

Hi just some constructive criticism, you talk a bit much maybe try get straight to the point

Cherry Ravelo says:

Pls stop touching your hair while preparing your food.

Franck THERY says:

unuseful video

Suburban Stable says:

I'm not even vegan, why am I watching this? Very cool layout and choices though, so maybe I'll have to give it a shot for a week.

B.A.D. Dickie says:

If you have a microplane (or similar sharp narrow grater) I just freeze tumeric/ginger whole and grate straight from frozen. The microplane minces the skin so small you don't notice it.

B.A.D. Dickie says:

This is great! love the vegan meal plans!

DA JJ says:

I’m so annoying be honest

Serling says:

Just eat. So sick of vegan BS. God made animals slower than most humans so we could eat them. Jeeees.

Christsflower says:

Finally someone’s voice I can stand. Not condescending, not whiny, I really, really appreciate you! I feel like I’m cooking with a friend 😌

typical taurus says:

so annoyed at you touching your hair sorry, and you seem a bit overwhelmed. sorry, like your recipese tho.

John Levine says:

Thanks, subscribed!

Hi Youtube says:

hygiene check. stop touching your hair while cutting vegetables.

Perseo Eridano says:


Matilde says:

where can I get this tofu? It looks very different.

Pidgey Tastic says:

This breakfast looks like it’ll give me good poops :))

Gabri-anne Pryce says:

I have been looking for a channel like this, thank you😁😁
As a vegan myself loovveeee thissss💚💚💚

Dede Ash says:

Nice video, I love bit. But I feel annoyed every time you touched your hair😭😭😭

Leo says:

I have replaced my plastic zip bags with cloth ones as an attempt to go zero plastic 🙂 it works! 🙂 Although for the meal prep I would use a container.

SnipsyStripes says:

7 minutes in and we're still at the first breakfast… christ

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