THE BEST TASTING Vegan Steak Recipe | How To

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Vegan Steak!? Wait, did I really say VEGAN STEAK!? Yes guys, this is really a recipe for vegan steak. This vegan steak is bursting with flavor and is the texture is awesome! So, yes! How to Vegan Steak.


Full Recipe:

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greatestever105 says:

Ugly son too

asdf says:

5:22 gah, urge to order cheese burger at closest drive through :'/ or a seitan burger 🙂

Nataly Astudillo says:

Making this for Christmas😍 thank you so much

Josefina Dionicio says:

Gluten free meats please

Archana Jn says:

Madam pls describe in the about section that your channel is about vegan recipes

Mrs Chaderah says:

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Zikki Charade says:

This is gay af

WatchDog says:

Yum! Amazing! BIG WANT!

Imani Adrea says:

finally! a recipe like this with ingredients that are affordable

Dexterphab says:

Why was that slap so satisfying LOL 6:33

Arya Tara says:

Can we skip the steaming and just fry them? These steaks look amazing!

The gaming gecko says:

Vegan food bad

Ihawan Pro Max says:

Instructions unclear: became a cannibal and police is coming for me

Markus Tesar says:

because the rubber gloves are missing

Daniel Dragneel says:

Ah enfia a carne no cu

Anastasia Davis says:

You should freeze and sell these!

Lubaby Yea says:

I can tell she got a smart ass mouth

Dave Goren says:

I just went vegan and made the vegan steak. Looked amazing and hey, it's worth the effort. However, it still tasted like dough cooked with soy sauce. I think I did it right and it wasn't bad. The health benefits are worth staying vegan and love how people are trying to duplicate the taste of meat. It's better having this than not having it. Thanks for the information.

Horizon says:

omg.. can you come to my house and cook me some vegan steaks?

Horizon says:

can we change the name of that food please? doesn't sound appeasing

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