Why McDonald's Doesn't Have A Vegan Meat Burger In The US

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As consumer diets continue to shift toward healthier food, plant-based alternatives are becoming more and more popular. Fast-food chains like Burger King, White Castle, and Carl’s Jr. are rolling out fake meat options. But will Mcdonald’s – the world’s most famous fast-food restaurant – jump on board?

In the 12 months ending in March 2019, restaurant operators increased purchases of plant based protein 36 percent. That’s in an environment where foot traffic in restaurants has remained relatively flat since 2014.

Traditional veggie burgers started popping up on grocery store shelves in the 1980s. Restaurants added them to their menus as an easy option for vegetarian diners. But veggie burgers have also gotten a bad rap. Made with black beans, lentils or tofu, they don’t really taste like a real burger. In fact, they’re usually pretty tasteless.

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are trying to change that. Their plant-based burgers mimic actual beef’s taste, texture and look. The Beyond Burger uses pea proteins and beet juice to achieve taste and texture.

The Impossible Burger has found its own secret ingredient: heme. The iron-containing molecule is found in our blood as well as beef. It’s what gives meat a pink color and a metallic taste. To make a vegan friendly burger that contains the molecule, Impossible Foods uses genetically modified soy. And as an added bonus, the heme makes an Impossible Burger look like it’s bleeding juices — just like a meat patty.

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Why McDonald’s Doesn’t Have A Vegan Meat Burger In The US


Francisco Mena says:

Why is McDonalds still around? I thought they died.

Yes says:

It’s human meat

Jared Baker says:

what would they call it? McWhatthefuck???

Michael Lothlen says:

Because we’re not stupid enough too be vegans they are idiots

sciencerulez3 angel says:

McDonalds in India have more vegetarian options than non-veg options.

Jason Lane says:

No such thing as veggie burger

A History of Violence says:

Plant based burgers are a trend nothing more. Sure they will get more popular over the next few years but they will never overtake beef as a whole which is why McDonald’s has no interest. They would spend far more money developing infrastructure to supply 35+ thousand stores with a vegan burger option for consumers. McDonald’s damn well knows at the end of the day more people eat beef burgers than grass burger and it will always be that way unless an act of “god” would occur to the beef industry.

Exauce Mayunga says:

These videos never answer the question in the topic🤦🏾‍♂️

Grimshaw Grummage says:

i eat meat but I love a burger king bean burger

Bundi Lian says:

Bruh thats only mcdonalds in the US in europea there are new veggie burgers

Sean Newman says:

whats funny is vegan burgers are just as unhealthy as regular burgers just there not meat there vegies

Rich Wood says:

It is 2020 and many places are ditching the plant based burger for lack of demand and people have done their research and know that most are not healthier than meat. In fact based on the salt and fat in most of those burgers the real meat is actually healthier.

Freud Silver says:

3:46, I wouldn't ever want to eat that even with some kind of meat or chicken in it!

Pan _vegan says:

I’ve been vegan for 6 years and I cannot eat the Beyond burger because it resembles too much like animal flesh for me. But, I believe it to be a good thing. If beyond burgers can help consumers make healthier, more moral choices, I’m totally down for it!

Luis David says:

Keep it real McDonald's is owned by the meat industry.

Celtic Tiger-22 says:

Because vegans and vegetarians are nothing more than mentally unstable people

MultiLaughs88 says:

I used to buy Boca burgers years ago. They are soy based

Rachel K says:

No vegan worth their salt would step foot in McDonald's.

Silent Mindy says:

Sheetz doesn't have the beyond burger anymore!! 😭😭😭😭 @sheetz

iam stevenson says:

Choice is always good. I dont think I will offend anyone by eating something other than dead animals.

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