Healthy Vegan Carrot Cake

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Vegan carrot cake with almond & orange frosting and marzipan decorations!
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Derp Ina says:

Great recipe, just made some. Subbed the flour for pearl millet and whole wheat flour ☺️

aguacate con frijoles says:

Thank you so much. 😀

Milanka Krstajic says:


lady Margaret says:

Music so soothing

vegan cherry says:

the baby carrots are the star of the show.Thank u for the gluten free marzipan.

singer2be says:

A lot of these recipes that I watch, I have no intention of making, but its just so satisfying to watch everything come together.

Girija Nagpal says:

ive been vegan for so many years now, why haven't I seen this? im making this now!!

ur mom says:

did you use refined coconut oil or unrefined?

Alondra Ramirez-Barajas says:

Gotta say, just recently went vegan… was craving carrot cake, saw a couple other videos. But this one caught my attention the most. The music was soothing, the measurements were translated, the carrot topping was super cute! and so I gave it a try! The frosting didnt work out for me because I ground my almonds and they had skin on them and i used coconut milk instead of coconut cream so it didnt get that frosting consistency. I looked up another recipe that called for vegetable shortening and it came out decent. As for the marzipan I tried making this recipe as well but I noticed it was a little too sticky so I added a little bit of oat flour to be able to mold the carrots right. But let me tell you… the flavor of this bread … is amazing ! my family couldn't tell it was vegan!

Emma R says:

Good presentation 🌹

Kayli Sousa says:

Thankyou for this 😍😍😍

Anetta Cukanova says:

Do you think I can substitute spelt flour for coconut or almond one? 🙂 trying to make it lower in sugar

Sarah Loffler says:

Thumbs up for the music. Lovely video. Thank you!

sinneruki says:

☺️the music and this

Monikoue says:

hey, what's the song in the background?

Jill Burkett says:

Made this cake it was very good. I saw the comment by Juliena Barton saying it was too watery, so I was careful when adding the almond milk and only used 2/3 cup. The cake turned out perfect. Thank you for posting your recipe.

Hope H* says:

Fabulous 💖

Jaclyn DiMascio-Hamilton says:

so creative!!

Maria Daniels says:

That looks absolutely divine

Aayotee Mukhopadhyay says:

Can i use apf instead of spelt flour?

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