Healthy Vegetarian & Vegan Meal Ideas from Breakfast to Dinner | by Erin Elizabeth

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Today I’m sharing with you some healthy meal ideas to get you through the day! I thought I’d round up some things I’ve been making a lot of lately that are super healthy and quick and easy to make also. I wanted to share things that are perfect for the upcoming season as well so they’re light summer meals that are both vegetarian and vegan friendly. Let me know if you try any of these healthy meals and what you thought!

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Flavia Andreea says:

Hi honey! what kind of lentils are you using?

HollyJ says:

I always look forward to your recipes and meal ideas. 😍 The vegetable stir fry looks so good. I can't wait to try it myself with whatever I have in the fridge~

Mellow says:

I don't know about that "stir fry". It needs more spices and flavour. Some of the veggies i can tell are a bit over cooked and a bit undercooked.

Mark Frazier says:

a 150 pound man needs 54 grams of protein daily protein chapter fat chapter carbohydrates chapter 2000 calories daily Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss eat normal vegetarianism food

Four misfits says:

This all looks great! Thanks Erin ❤️

ام شأهين says:


Hi there says:

It doesn't work long term. It's an agenda 21 starvation diet. Globalists are trying to covertly genocide caucasians. You need animal meat/fats. Don't ruin your health. They lie when they say you can get all your nutrition from these diets. You can't. Look up Weston Price.

Silva Parseghian says:

Really love your recipes

Ewa PJ says:

Hi Erin, I'm on the green side for about 15 years and your stir-fry looks delizioso 😍 I have also noticed Polish brand Kupiec – the corn cakes you were using. It made me smile cause I'm from Poland and you are obviously in Canada. World is small 😉

Liliana Kaszak says:

Wow, I luvv it! Not only healthy but also aesthetic ♡

Belén Hernandez says:

I'm gonna try them all ♥️

StayPositive22 says:

These look great!! Thanks so much, Erin! ❤

Rania Zahalan says:

Yum 😋 very delicious gonna try it , i have never eaten such a healthy vegetarian meal in my life😂😂

Amy Hoover says:

I've never tried apples on a salad before, but this video made me think about doing that. Thanks for the inspiration, Erin! <3

Carla Cruz says:

Love how easy and quick were all of your meals, as a mommy of 2 toddlers it is key to be able to cook quickly. We consume lots of lentils as well 😉 <3

Jennifer Mainor says:

Amazing! I love your recipes. Please keep 'em coming 🙂

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