Eco-Cuisine Speed Scratch Vegan Salisbury Burger

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This Eco-Cuisine video demonstrates how easy it is to produce a vegan burger in a food service operation with minimal labor (effort), and skill while cutting the vegan burger cost in half. The Salisbury Steak demonstrates how a chef or home cook can, with ease, create a signature burger. Eco-Cuisine’s products are unique in that they save on both labor and food cost while delivering on taste, nutrition, and menu/product innovation.


Kim t says:

So I dont like mushrooms what else can I use

lexi jenny says:

It's soy protien he's using or you could use TVP textured veggie protien

Ron Pickarski says:

You are correct. This seems to be the only video I have this problem with. I have an email into the videographer to increase the volume and perhaps take out some of the interference.

Emerald1dx3 says:

The recipe looks good but just cant hear you.

Emerald1dx3 says:

Cant hear what he is saying. TURN up his the voulume.

Onexpresso Cafe says:

Were you referring to letting the dry mixture w/beans sit up to a day or after adding into the fry pan to mix? What amounts of onion, mushroom, beans…etc. What kind of beans? Soy or Cannelloni? Sorry I am trying to buy the cookbook asap.

Onexpresso Cafe says:

What size scoop is that your using with the press? Looks large, (1 cup).

Passionate Paintress says:

hello. the mic is close to the sizzling pot……seems like a good recipe but extremely hard to hear any words. I heard mumble mumble sizzle sizzle sizzle stir mix mumble mix sizzle to that mumble sizzle pour and scoop. I hope this helps and not offends. Was looking for a quick easy meat alternative. Thank you kindly Sir.

Sarah pauline says:

Is your quick mix gluten free?

Karen Clark says:

Where is the recipe? I can't hear what you're saying well.

Becky Shock says:

Like the recipe, don't like the chatter….. would like to see list of ingredients and amounts in the beginning…. Thanks.

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