How to Begin a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

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Practical advice on how to begin! For more plant-based ideas and recipes, visit


Martha Anne says:

Vegans do not eat honey.

Theveganflower says:

Im the exception. I would never supplement b12 and blood work would come back with high levels… I never understood it untill i realized i used so much nutritional yeast and other minute whole food sources it added up.

W J says:

I started a week ago thanks for the info.

Nancy Farrand says:

How does pasta fit into the definition of a whole, unrefined or minimally processed food? It's one of the most processed foods ever. Pasta is simply carbs. Your body can't tell the difference between a carb from broccoli or from pasta or from white sugar. What is the science-based reason you recommend we include these unnecessary starches in a "healthy" diet?

Gina2190 says:

makes sense !

Gertrude says:

Is honey counted as plant based?

Robert Solberg says:

This is old. I read a book in 1979 that meat causes cancer. The book was 50 years old.

wayne raup says:

my dr. knows about this and recommends it for me. i have heart issues. he also told me to cut out fats.i am doing a lot of research on this. i also have a friend on this. i am 77 going on 40. haha.

Vinnette Pope says:

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Pat Butler says:

This info is AWESOME and so simply explained. Bless you.馃檹馃檹馃檹

MonkeySpecs301 says:

when you travel and get invited to a home to eat, and you refuse to eat the traditional foods the host cooks. yikes. being vegan is being too picky, life i hard as it is just eat everything that is healthy.

Zahra Ali says:

If u r doing plant based diet for health purposes limiting processed food will double ur benefits

Judith Geater says:

What do you do if you are a terrible cook? A really terrible cook!

Latte Z says:

I'm 55 and just started my journey. I'm two day in. Cant wait to see how I feel in two weeks! The recipes look great!! Thank you

LaAerial says:

Please don鈥檛 disrespect corn tortillas like that. You have to heat them first, or just know how to cook in general. 馃槀

Rosemary O'Steen says:

Very interesting, I鈥 m just become a vegan this week n.need to get recipes for my health , had ovarian cancer 4 years ago, watch chrisbeatcancer n am learning how many foods cure n kill cancers cells , especially garlic, I have a Whole Foods near me n love Trader Joe鈥檚,was there yesterday, love there hash browns too, need to get rid of all the meat in my freezer too . Your recipes look delicious 馃構 will need to make them , my husband had open heart surgery when he was 42 yrs old the Cleveland clinic n my brother did too in Az. They both are in the 83 n 82 yes old now ,, Thank You so much for sharing all these informative information , God Bless you ,, I love Sprouts too, will get the B12 spray there on the Senior 10% off day .. Thanks again ..馃憤鉂わ笍馃檹馃檹馃檹

Misti Condrey says:

All it's done is give me food sensitivities and canidia. Pasta potatoes and whole grains feeds on it. Now I have stomach issues. I'm about ready to go back to the way I was before. Not happy with the way he's working for me. Glad it.wprks for some

Kathy Kilpatrick says:

Went from regular to WFPB and I lost 18lbs in a month!

Will Murray says:

Bullshit! Take your whole food diet and shove it.

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