INCREDIBLE Vegan Fall Recipes! {beef-less stew}

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Vegan recipes just in time for the fall! Incredibly hearty vegan beef-less stew and roasted butternut squash spaghetti! I love these simple comforting vegan recipes hope you guys enjoy them!

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Rachel Ama says:

Hey sorry guys, I made 2 wording mistakes! Been under a lot of pressure and deadlines and I mixed up some of the names of what I was cooking with which you guys have already left comments on. Clearly celery, clearly rosemary, equally, you can also use thyme and leeks in this recipe if you want too xxxxx my bad!

Hello Chibi says:

I sucked at making the stew 😣 came out funny I added too much tomato purée and flour

MegadethsGirl says:

I've made the stew twice and it's delicious! The only thing is it came out too sweet both times, but that can be adjusted with fewer carrots and maybe one other root veggie.

Aylja Freeborn says:

I could cry 😭😭😭😭 I love food, I love being vegan and I love cooking. I am so excited to follow your recipes 😍😍😍

добрые советы says:


Sharyn Denice says:

That looks delicious!!😋

TheVersatileVegetarian says:

Love to see it 🙏🏾

Veronica Forbs says:

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Ihr Hässlichenkreaturen Ihr Hässlichenkrearuren says:


Thee Real Lil Whit says:

Who eats stew whit a fork lol

Jacklyn Dougherty says:

You probably heard this before – your beautiful 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥 thanks for sharing vegan recipe too 💕💕💕

gigi p says:

Rachel i have heard that tomatoes are bad for arthritis what do you think.? You use alot of tomatoes. I cook for my mom who has arthritis and i concerned about the amout of tomatoes you use and is there an alternative to tomatoes for these recipes please respond

Dank Farrik says:

Not to criticize cause it seems absolutely delicious but at 1:56 it doesn't look like leaks to me but celery and also not thyme but rosemary.

susan massey says:

Ama you are so gorgeous and personable! Food Network should snap you up while they can. Thank you for the delicious vegan recipes and for satisfying my beef nostalgia!

Ronald Germain says:

Great cooking

Truth Hurts says:

I made this for my family and vegan friend and it went down an absolute storm! Thank you lovely Rachel, even my carnivore hubby was impressed!!

Substitutes/ additions/ tips that work:
For the stew, I didn't have coconut amino. I didn't have liqiud smoke so I relied on 'smokey flavour' of putting my tomato puree in just after sweating my shallots', I added a small red onion, cayenne pepper and a small scotch bonnet with most seeds removed.

In addition to Rachel's seasonings I added Dunnes River everyday seasoning and cayenne pepper to my mushroom 'meat'.

The tip to add bicarbonate of soda (UK), baking soda (US) is spot on! Half a teaspoon if doubling this recipe (which I did).

Amina Chanaé says:

What is the temperature of the oven?

Donna Bruno says:

Would most appreciate if the entire recipe (ingredients & process be listed!

Amanda Kaldenbaugh says:

do i have to watch the video to get cooking instructions, or are they typed out somewhere. i cant find them. I only see the ingredients list

Brandon Chandler says:

The strw looks amazing- definitely will try.

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