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Whether you are a newly converted vegetarian/vega or born vegetarian looking for a great source for protein, Seitan (Say-tan) provides yet another option to your meal planning. Made from Vital Wheat Gluten, this completely vegetarian item has the texture, and depending on the flavoring, the taste of meat. Try this versatile Seitan recipe for curries, stir-frys, grilling…the options are endless.

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Odin says:

Thank you so much <3

ABC12344566789 says:

Why did you add COLD water? Why not regular tap water?

Ms Jaye says:

Could've still ate the veggies.

Siddika Umatia says:

can diabetes can have it

Love Animals-01 says:

What a ridiculous thing to say that the vegetables can be thrown away. You can PHYSICALLY SEE they are there, that means there's fiber and other nutrients there. Why on earth would that be thrown away? Jeez.
Otherwise, very well explained video. I would also use coriander seeds in the flavoring rather than Soy Sauce and other tandoori crap.

Gavin Vales says:

Came here for the seitan, stayed for the beautiful ladies

Nandini Rajan says:

Hi. I used your basic Seitan recipe shown here and made dal dhokli ( a gujarati dish)… it was not a perfect substitute for dhokli in the sense that I couldn't get the shape and flatness ( mine was more like soya nuggets). I boiled the seitan directly in the lentil water with all masalas. But taste was just the same….thank you for this

Hooman says:

Hail Satan!

Ravi Babu says:

You both are so so beautiful

K B says:

Does it have to be vital wheat gluten? Can you use wheat flour or is there a gluten-free option?

Moses Ntsieni says:

Why fake meat when there's cows?

lori grass says:

Thank you ladies. I've been looking at many YouTube videos, getting the courage and knowledge up to make my first batch of Seitan. I'm so glad that I've watched your video as well, cause I learned a couple of things that I hadn't from the other one I've watched. Again, thank you.

Archana Kulkarni says:

Please tell me that can i use indian normal wheat flour to make 'seitan'…….in case if i cant use glutened flour ?

KIM aka TheHelpfulAssistant says:

Thank you!! I've been experimenting with seitan and I have found your video to be most helpful. 🙂

Grace Bock says:

I'm amazed that vegetarians would take so much trouble to make 'meat'.An easier way is just eat plant-based products as they are without trying to 'change' them to look n taste like meat!!!

Amol Upare says:

nice video, thank you,

Meat Substitute:

also visit for more:

dippster357 says:

Hi, ladies, I would like to ask you that i hear people say that don't eat a lot of this but they didn't say why? Is it because that it can make some people constipated? I know that i got constipated after i had some 3 days in a row, can you talk about this matter please.

Surya Barokah says:

I ❤️ this recipe

Lydia Appelmans says:

Hail Seitan ! 😀

Raunny vats says:

A meat equivalent, also called a meat substitute, estimates certain visual qualities (primarily texture, flavour and appearance) or chemical characteristics of specific types of meat. Many equivalents are plant-based and soy-based (tofu or tempeh as vegetables), gluten-based ( seitan ) or pea-based. The meat in any recipe can be replaced with one of these plant-based options.

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