The World's Best Veggie Burrito Recipe!

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Our mates from Club Mexicana came into the studio and whipped up some mouthwatering Mexican food! This burrito, without a doubt, is better than any you’ve had before. Make sure you give it a go!

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Hi…..Recipe is looking very gud… Subscribed your channel…. Hope you to will do……. Stay connected….

LittleLulubee says:

OMG, it looks DELICIOUS 😋❤️👍

Limuel Abracia says:

What sauce did u use for jack fruit? It looks 😋

EAJ2900 says:

What are those triangles in beginning of video being shredded

Isaac Smith says:

I dont have jackfruit in my country. What else can i use?? 🙁

Julie Ross says:

Recipe great….music awful

Craig Johnson says:

How big are your tortillas? The amount of food you had in it was massive but mine break so easily!

Cristina Ramirez says:

Lately I've had a thing for burritos. Especially this tofu scramble with potatoes and red pepper burrito. Yasss I have to make this 😂😍

Davine Hill says:

This burrito recipe has completely ruined my diet!! It's all I ever eat now. Curse you for making this so damn good 💗😣💗😣💗

Vegmuffin says:

shiidd Chipotle who? lmao

Cassidy Walsh says:

yeah but no – cabbage in a burrito? i will try the jackfruit tho with a bit less bbq and more mexican spices 🙂

Davine Hill says:

I made this yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! Best homemade burrito I've ever had!!! Having it again today 💗💗💗

Davine Hill says:

Lord I'm salivating 😋😋😋

Chrisie Never Misses A Shot says:

You guys deserve way more subscribers. Love your recipes!

Dan says:

What does jackfruit taste like?

vinged says:

guys, why you putting these suggestions at the end when video is not finished?

Misha J says:

Yum! 😋💚

Peter Hitchen says:

Any alternative to jack fruit?

Brenda Aspey says:

Sooooo good 👍🌱

Benedetta Tello says:

It’s too early omg This is soooo good 😍 how do you make pickled red cabbage tho

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