Filling Meatless Meals | What I Cooked my Vegetarian Family This Week

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This week we’ve got lots of substantial vegetarian meals, perfect for moving into the cooler weather. There’s no way you’ll miss the meat with this bunch of recipes! Let’s leave those iceberg lettuce salads in the 90’s and dive into some hearty, veg-forward deliciousness


Here’s where you’ll find all of the links to the recipes I’ve used, as well as any cookbooks mentioned.

Monday: Spaghetti Pie —

Tuesday: Mashed Potato Bowls —

Vegan Mashed Potato Bowls

Wednesday: Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats —

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Happy cooking 😘


Kirstie Ellis says:

My favorite was you singing to Saffron!!! I can’t wait to try the overnight oats!

Jordyn Riddle says:

I love your videos girl!! I’m totally gonna make the overnight oats, those sound amazing!!

Alissa Rennells says:

Definitely want to make that spaghetti pie!

Alissa Rennells says:

Oh my goodness, Saffron is just too cute as your sous chef!

cindy gregson says:

This was fun Susie! I really enjoyed hearing the song! Made me laugh.

Anna Benninger says:

I'd like to see your recipe for the hot dog buns and how you prep them for the freezer! I'm always afraid of freezer burn. I might make the spaghetti pie–I try to actually make some of the Bon Appétit recipes too!

Lynn Schonberg says:

I love the coffee break 😍

Samuel Detweiler says:

I enjoyed seeing your variation on overnight oats. I've been making overnight oats for breakfast for the past month. Is the pumpkin pie spice something stores usually sell?

Hannah Lowrey says:

I’ve never made overnight oats!! But I just bought a biggg container of rolled oats so now I have no excuse not to.. lol.

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