Imam Bayildi Recipe – Turkish Classic Stuffed Eggplants (Vegan Olive Oil Dish)

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Imam Bayildi is a Classic and well known Turkish olive oil dish. Even though it looks similar to Karniyarik recipe it is vegan and with all the delicious combinations of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and olive oil it is a festive summer dish you can enjoy.

Ingredients to Make Imam Bayildi (4-6 servings)
3 medium onions – soğan
1 big or 3-4 medium tomatoes – domates
4-6 small eggplants – patlıcan
5-6 cloves of garlic – sarımsak
5-6 tbsp olive oil – zeytinyağı
about 1/2 tsp or less salt – tuz and black pepper – karabiber to taste
1 tsp sugar – şeker
vegetable oil – sıvıyağ to fry the eggplants
chopped parsley – maydonoz to serve

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Abdulrahman Ali says:

Mashallah Very nice

namakuakbar says:

First time saw this food in an inspiring turkish movie “A Touch of Spice”.. Alhamdulillah got the recipe from your channel. I Will ask my wife to cook it for tomorrow 😊

Judy Wijesinghe says:


Dianna Green says:

You're popular

Lidija Radosavljevic says:

Sam koncept recepta je dobar,ali je izuzetno lose opisan i sto se tice pisanog dijela recepta,a i sto se tice samog video klipa.

MaryAnne Korkut says:

Thank you, Aysanur! Another winner!

Harshy Nayak says:

Nice recipes

Nikki Airyt says:

I’m back to tell you I’ve made this 3 times since first commenting on your video it’s my new favourite vegetarian dish, today I’m making it for the whole family. They’re very excited to try Turkish cuisine and I’ve been raving about this for a month. Hello Imam Bayildi my kitchen smells so good 😭😭😭

Omar Adil says:

Wow!! Looks sumptuous, the printed plate is my choice.

Cindy Marie says:

Actually I think both!

Nikki Airyt says:

Thank you Aysenur ! I’m making this right now ! It’s gonna be awesome.

Kokab Faruqi says:

Good yummy delicious 😋 recipe of Egg plant Thanks

Simba M says:

Presentation is awesome.

Pretty Queen says:

I'll try this dish soon.. this is so easy to cook.. and looks😍🥰

Sky Bully says:

It sounded like the Imam fainted & fell down after eating it 😀

Shujaat Kamran Khan says:

Aye Vellah….side dish of egg is winner…. but Imam Bayldi also super.

Carolina Reaper says:

So its vegetarian ?💜

Haziq Zaman says:

Your recipies are exellent

Haziq Zaman says:

What you have sprinkle over Imam Bayildi to serve

SMS. says:

The plain white one,👍…

May be a plate with a thin golden line around it if one has it.

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