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French onion soup can be a little fussy, time-consuming, and tear-inducing, but if you’ve got a few hours on a rainy Saturday, there are few better ways to spend it than in the pursuit of this classic, comforting gratineé.


Music by Chillhop:
Blue Wednesday – “Murmuration”:
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Shopping List:
3lb bag Spanish onions
48 ounces high-quality beef broth
Fresh parsley
Fresh thyme
Fresh garlic
Black peppercorns
Cloves (optional)
Parmesan cheese rind (optional)
Olive oil
Dry sherry
Day-old baguette
Kosher Salt
Gruyere cheese


Babish Culinary Universe says:

Sorry we're all on new year's diets and I'm still making unhealthy stuff – I shot all this back in the caloric heyday of December

xLordSpicy says:

no butter??!!

Yulia Borozdina says:

Just finished. Yummy )))

Crazy Diamond says:

french onion soup
made with spanish onion
cooked in a dutch oven
i heeer pronounce you mister babish as mister EUROPE

Orange says:

Yea dry sherry ofc

dave grier says:

this is not french onion soup. this is raw onion soup.

The Shayna Sews Show says:

Cooking this today, so excited!!! Thanks so much for the video!!

Zheru Zhong says:

Fun fact! Babish actually learned to caramelize onions into jam for onion soup from chef Roy Choi in an episode of the Chef Show on Netflix.

Ellie Z. says:

"You are about to lose your sense of taste…"

SirTiger says:

I miss this babish, idk, the new place and set up and sponsors are all different. It's subtle…but there. idk I'm crazy.

Nick Porter says:

This is the perfect recipe/cooking technique advice presentation. It's beautiful!

Thowas says:

Please don’t put so much cheese in the soup. The second handful of cheese seemed a bit unnecessary à mon avis

Ronald Tsoi says:

Put soy sauce and fish sauce in a French soup!? Are you serious?

Chromatic Turtle says:

banging with beebish 🙂

Renate de Vreede says:

I am making this rn! Excited to see how it turns out

viperuscopperus says:

Excuse my dark sense of humor but when he said "loose your sense of taste for a few days" did he mean soup or covid lol

Mo 273 says:

4:12 foreshadowing

Wall Raker says:

The voice of all.. get someone real

John Wick says:

Is there a vegetarian option to the beef broth?

Koleen Harden says:

Koleen Harden Google seared this i need this on the koleen Harden page subscribed to you tube tv

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