Tel Aviv – World's Vegan Food Capital

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As the world’s vegetarian food capital, Tel Aviv restaurants and food stands provide numerous options for the veggie lovers, But not only in Tel Aviv:
Israel is home to approximately 300,000 vegans, the highest per capita vegan population in the world, where vegan foods are no longer looked upon as such a fringe element, and have a much wider selection to choose from on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus.


Veggie AfterFifty says:

I am there. In my heart.

Ewows Online says:

Love animals love envoirnment

Utama Raj Nathan says:

God Bless Israel..

Stock Market Finance says:

Amazingggggggggggg… wow wow wow.. I’m from india. Turned vegan 4 years ago.

So happy to see Israel become vegan. I could never have imagined it. Big kudos to all you Israeli’s from India!!

Delia Fiorani says:

meravigliosi piatti per favore mandatemi le ricette!!!!!

Malik Rahman says:

All looks delicious!

nehdar says:

i love Tel Aviv

Shy Buba says:

I love the vegan options in israel 😍 especially at Anastasia cafe ❤️

Yester Day says:

WOW im so impressed. israeli cooking is some of the best! and now vegan? im so proud. israelis will rock the vegan cuisine movement!

Balaji Ds says:

I am an Indian Hindu. And I just love Isreal and Jews

chezydan1 says:

Thank you so much Stan, for your valuable help.

chezydan1 says:

Hi everyone!
What is the ingredient the brought from India (3:05). Can somebody write it, I don't know that ingredient.

VeganTeacher says:

Go Israel! ☺ People have freedom. This is what the world should be like.

Gary Morin says:

Could you add captions to your videos (for Deaf and hard-of-hearing persons)?

Vegan NOW says:

Israeli people, we are proud of you!

Vegan NOW says:

Vegan people rock!

MsBrutus64 says:

Awesome. Veganism and raw veganism is the only way to save the animals, the planet and of course have great health.

Josefa Soeiro says:

Ohhhh!!!Delicious !!!!

Veggies and Kilos says:

oy vey so delicious 🙂

Akash says:

Would love to visit one day

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