Vegetarian French Onion Soup with caramelized onions.

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There’s no more satisfying dish than a French Onion Soup in the colder months. This one is the vegetarian version, and it’s so tasty you’ll never know the difference. It’s simple, it’s packed with flavour and made with few ingredients. The cheese croutons can be made with any stale bread. The caramelized onion flavour is what makes this dish so popular. No need for chicken or beef stocks. And if you don’t like wine, then use apple cider. French onion soup is popular around the world with good reason.

Get full recipe here

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Raul Chimiveș says:

YOU are an inspiration man… always wanted to learn to cook but could not motivate myself to watch 10 min videos with Lots of blabbering… Your videos are exactly what i was looking for… simple and tasty. Thank you


Apple cider can be used instead of alcohol

Jose Joaquin Bermeo Piña says:

Hi Joel in Ecuador love soup we have one millon but not like that .
I'm going to do in Monday lunch . Thank you Joel!!! Good bless you!!

Fatima Rafi says:

Is it apple cider vinegar ?

تدابير ووصفات ام البنات says:

La paix soit sur vous. J'espère que vous m'aiderez et j'ai hâte de voir une vidéo

Mike Jones says:

Hmm……You don't give the quantities of each ingredient or how many this will serve. Is this info available somewhere that I'm not seeing?

louise lavoie says:

I have been thinking of making onion soup lately with colder weather approaching, amazing 😉 Thanks Joel 👨‍🍳👌🏼😋

elexorien x says:

Why my onions are getting burnt instead of getting caramelized brown? Someone please help me

Ivana Radeta says:

You are Maestro in kitchen!

Axia Aaaa says:

Thank you for this simple recipe. It's delicious. I'm really enjoy it!

Patricia O'Brien says:

Hi Joel beautiful onion soup every recipe you make is perfect I love watching you cook hope to see lots more from you it would be nice to see you on camera yr banana cake looks delicious and yr polenta cake too do you have any more cake recipes I hope you and yr family are well at this time we are all fighting against this covic 19 pandamic situation Joel it's so nice to receive all the recipes up put up on your web we are lucky to have someone like you that brings joy into the kitchen with your beautiful recipes
Many thanks Joel
And God bless you and all
Your loved ones
Patricia obrien 🇮🇪🌈🙋

Kurt Lim says:

Hi just btw the recipe on the website doesn't say when to add the thyme or the water. Obviously I can come here and check but thought u might want to know 🙂

Mangia Quello Che Fai Bene says:

Perfection ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Devendrajit Singh says:

I like that soup.

Antler System says:

Is it needed to put in the oven, after putting the bread on top? We dont have an oven

Ralou Larou says:

You used butter and cheese?

sudha s says:

Unhealthy.. overlooking of onions and all purpose flour has no nutritional value

siennas2011 says:

I made this and omg! The soup came out delicious! The only thing I made a change to was I had made my own vegan cheese instead of using the gruyere cheese. Excellent recipe! 💞👍🏽

Patriot Troll says:

Can you use red wine?

Compassionate Living says:

Made this and it came out not even edible. Used Apple cider vinegar bc instructions were not clear. Anyways

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