Winter Vegetarian Recipes To Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay

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Here are some vegetarian recipes to help keep you warm during the winter!

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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carleigh reese says:

Regular parmesan isn't vegetarian bc of rennet, so make sure to get vegetarian version

Anik Koria says:

Eggs are not vegetarian! Not sure how something which has egg is vegetarian 🤔

Giselle Plant Based Vegan says:

Love it. Reminds me of another favorite Indian dish , Masada dosa.

SamStramGram says:

your gnocchi recipe is very cool ! except it's not vegetarian, the mistake is in parmesan cheese (made with rennet, which is not vegetarian)

Sonali Shan says:

How on earth is this 'vegetarian'?

trouvaille - by Aamir says:

Those spicy pan cakes are so Indian, have been eating them for years. Mom calls it something else though..

Gaming with Astrea 10 says:

I rejected vegan and joined vegetarian, because the food is to good.

Ninecats Magee says:

Will make every one of these — beginning with the foccacia and gnocchi. Legend Gordon.

Moosey says:

Imagine being the cameraman. Broo the smell.

Abhishek Suman says:

Calls the dishes Vegetarian….then proceeds to add an egg in the making of dish!
So much oil, so much garlic and well a totally non-Indian way of making a rice-pulses pancake(the batter is made by mixing and allowing them to ferment overnight before cooking) with white flour, egg and milk.

P.S. never directly cook food with milk(not talking about milk-derived products) like that if you want to cook an Indian dish…it will be harmful for the body. Ayurveda (or the Veda/Book of Knowledge on Aayu/Lifespan) totally disapproves this methodology and is a guiding factor in making of traditional Indian cuisine, which btw despite using a lot of imagination(can be seen by the variety & elaboration for making dishes) is still healthy.

박정옥 says:

Seriously, gordon ramsay is not pianist.

Barbara Dellis says:

he is having way too much fun cooking the gnocchi… he can come over and cook them for me anytime!

Arabic Cuisine وأسرار المطبخ الغربي says:

Try this recipe 😋😋😋

Divya Sasidharan says:

He’s using iddiappam presser for potato 😯

Deep Golwala says:

this guy runs a michelin star restaurant…not worth even my puke…..

Ehsan E. says:

You are really a living legend. Love from Pakistan. ❤️

Alistair Reed says:

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Arabic Cuisine وأسرار المطبخ الغربي says:

Try this recipe 😋😋😋

Hisokasbae X says:

Vegan teacher are u happy now

PeridotNYA says:

I definitely wanna make those gnocchi, but I don't have a potato ricer. I don't think I know anyone that has one of those. What if I just smoosh the potato through a sieve? Also I'd definitely make the spicy pancakes – I don't have time to wait for dosa mix to ferment.

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