Bangers and mash, British pub classic

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Hi friends!! Sausages with mashed potatoes is a staple dish in many British pubs and households. A tasty, easy to cook meal. Forgive the dressing of the plate, believe it or not I’d had a few by this point. Spot the raw broccoli on the plate, I over did the intended stuff😳😉👍


flintishere says:

nice video, went straight to the point, made with parents. quite good!

Shabia71 Khanom says:

The oils too hot. Maybe you should boil them in water for 6mins approx, then dry them with kitchen paper. Then proceed to fry them just to colour them on the outside

Garry Cauchi says:

looks great … wish i could taste … my perfect food …. i am Maltese but i have an English mum … tks for sharing … going to the kitchen … i need some comfort food nowwwww …

HIGH HAT says:

Needs a cheeky Yorkshire pud on the side

rick eppy says:

stop saying friends ffs!

Randy Barrett says:

holy jesus…that looked so good i can only imagine how good it tasted…greetings from USA! I think I'm coming around to the whole "Bangers and Mash" thing. BTW, where are the beans? I thought you folks always ate baked beans with this dish…

S Washington says:

That looks tasty. What's the yield for the batch you made?

Gareth Bradbury says:

I could eat that right now mmmmmmm perfect

Kyle Sheridan says:

Mmm, looks appetizing. Nice simple recipe! Unfortunately I don’t have access to beef gravy. Maybe make my own?

Jane Tande says:

That looks delicious! You did a great job! Thank you!

Andy Madden says:

Just cooked it your way reminds me of my trip though the UK having dinner in the pubs👍😁

Phoenix85040 says:

I was watching an episode of "Are You Being Served?" where they are on their lunch break and one of them is eating bangers and mash. Looks good 👍

Dave C. says:

Yum! Love the meat too. So good. New sub. God bless!

stelley08 says:

Good job chef!

ROCK UNCLE Production says:

This looked great…yall put gravy on everything…I thought the southern US  were the only ones…LOL great video my friend added to the playlist…God bless

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