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Crumbly, rustic, simple fruit scones served with a dollop of clotted cream and strawberry jam. So wonderfully British, so delicious, the taste of Summer! This is a paid ad.

NB. The edit gremlins are back and somewhere along the lines the 2 eggs that should have been added with the milk are missing!! Or you can add 150ml of milk if you don’t want to add eggs. Check out full recipe here.

Top tip – make an extra big batch and freeze the cut out dough. Then whenever you’re feeling peckish pop in the oven and cook until golden and warm.

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lego egorov says:

Мы это на уроке разбираем😁

AminePredator says:

Anyone making this in 2021?

Crowblack says:

You are better than that Jamie …

Melissa Mac says:

I don't know who needs to hear this but – yes you need to add eggs. 2 large ones according to the full recipe. It seems that video footage didn't make the cut! Great recipe though, thanks Jamie

butterflies love says:

Perfect 👌

Meghana Kumar says:

Can I make scones with all-purpose flour instead of self-rising? I don't have self-rising flour.

rirhandzu mathebula says:

Hi Jamie
Can I use magarine instead of butter?
Can I use soy milk instead of cow milk?
Did you put eggs?
Thanks 😊

Patricia Treslove says:

Love you Jamie

simonacoja says:

What is clotted cream?

Downeaster MaineUSA says:

NOPE !! No metric amounts for me. Im in USA.
Cups, teaspoons, tablespoons , etc. Can someone translate from metric to
American units?

Jenny Atkinson says:

Thank you for the beautiful recipe, Jamie.

Tammy T.B. says:

Can you bake scones in a shortbread pan?

Kimie Rei says:

This is the easiest and best scone recipe I ever came across after trying out dozens others. The scones came out perfectly!!! Thanks so much Jamie!!

kronos77 says:

the camerawork is annoying as all heck

Saima Sajid says:

These came out perfect! Mine did take slightly longer in the oven though, around 25 mins.

theophili 7 says:

Really bad ! Needs more milk! Completely unhappy

Binata Dasgupta says:

Na Jemie, first jam then cream.

Shadi Peirovi says:

A pinch of that, a splash of milk, few spoons sugar.. I found your recepies not precise enough, why not just tell the exact amounts in gram/ ml? I used this recepie and the dough didn't come together because I just didn't know how much milk I must use,kept adding more milk and ruined the whole dough, scones didn't rise in the oven ,too much flour compare to the amount of baking powder! Not recommended

torsteinv34 says:

The prince of extra virgin olive oil… unbelievable.

pete sinclair,s creation station says:

872 Cornish men and woman have thumbs down this video lol it,s Jam first

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