How To Make The Best Vegan Burger By Rachel • Tasty

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Learn how to make Rachel’s Vegan Burger!

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Larry Hagman says:

Stop trying to copy meat with your estrogen mimicking soy and Soya products, men stay away – unless you want female hormones replicating

Onnie De La Cruz says:

This doesn't seem hard to make I don't get why she makes it out like it is

R O says:

I've been vegan for a month now and I'm loving it so much. Feeling fantastic.

Kalvin Gato7 says:

0:28 Dear god forgive me I thought that said cum

Tomáš a Klára says:

I am too hungry seeing this. I last time ate burger with meat when I were 4 around 10 years ago I think. I never tried vegan burger yet but when I see vegan burger in commercials I am hungry.

Alejandra Vidal says:

i tried it and it was not good

Mehmet Ali Bilge says:

came here to dislike this video.

Jonathan Liu says:

u can eat the patty raw to prank ur friends lmao

Gray Franklin says:

And why do vegans always try making their food taste as close as possible to meat? Just eat fucken meat !you're brain and body will love you for it

Gray Franklin says:

Looks great just needs a meat pattie

Tom Hman says:

Ribs taste better with barbecue sauce . Only ribs.

Helena Geaney says:

"If you want a gluten free option, taking out the wheat gluten will change the texture and it won't be the same anymore…"
So basically if you're Gluten intolerant and want a veggie burger you have to eat it with gluten or not at all?

Whitney Moser says:

what should i doo wee dont have beans at home

Nate Prejean says:

Man y’all are A-holes in these comments 😂

Anthony Geck says:

Nice description, maybe I missed something? where's the recipe ?

Profesionel Viewer says:

Ma girl snatched dat krabby patty secret formula XD

Peter Piper says:

Oh my! If my burger looks bloody, I'm not eating it! YIKES! Anyway, I don't understand why anyone would want to make vegetables look like, or taste like meat. I've never understood that. I'm a vegan and I love vegetables. No desire to make them look like or taste like meat. Vegetables taste delicious and I'm not one for trying to be something I'm not. I don't see carnivores trying to make their meat look and taste like vegetables! LOL!!

LittleLulubee says:

YUMMY 👍❤️❤️ And the girl is so cute 😊

Ian Schreffler says:

Beets are a good ingredient for these 👍

icy_YT says:

Eat real meat smh

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