How to make Vegetable Fried Rice / Vegetable Fried Rice Indian Style

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Veg Fried Rice / Vegetable Fried Rice is a very tasty recipe from the Indo Chinese cuisine. This is an easy and delicious recipe to include vegetables in your diet. Vegetable fried rice from Chinese Style has been modified to Indian Style hence you will taste fluffy basmati rice cooked with spices along with crisp vegetables.

Tips for great veg fried rice
1) The secret to perfect fried rice is in the preparation of basmati rice. The strands of the fried rice should be cooked but still stand out separate and dry. It should not be mushy or be as a paste.

2) Go easy on the SOY sauce, the soy sauce has a very strong flavor so go easy on it. You can always add more if it is not sufficient but it will be difficult to mask if added in excess.

3) MSG(ajinomoto) sure does enhance the taste of the fried rice. But it is optional and the fried rice made in this recipe can stand on it own without the help of MSG. But feel free to add it if you desire.

Today we saw how to make vegetable fried rice, make this amazing recipe for your friends and family and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

For Detailed Veg Fried Rice recipe in Indian Style with instructions please visit :-


Angel says:

Nice Recipe I'll Try it in my home

vidhya sagar says:

Copied by Madras samayal

Saly Vee says:

that must be so yummy steffi stephy.u r a super cheff.i am going to make for my daughter from from far newyork.

Harivardini Dhanaraj says:

Steffi nega eapaumai tamil la than paisuviga oh anga English than paisuviga ipathan nabagam varudu nega madras samyal la um poduga tamil la English um purithu

AHB creation says:

I see it
I like it
I want it
But I can't made it
So I order it online

Shivanand Dabholkar says:

R u Goan??πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

shivaram rao says:

You missed coriander leaves..

Payel Bhandari says:

Yummy recipe.

Shail Singh says:

Nice recipe

Rekha Rean says:

Just now figured she is having other channel ; subscriber from madras samayal channel 😍

Oorjaa Mishra says:


siji stanley says:

soya sauce in indian veg rice….

Blessy Carolyn says:

The best chef ever!!!!😍 Semma samayal ..

Music Entertainment Science and Cooking says:

4.5klkkk your new frd

chandan kashyap says:

wow very nice

Sushmita Prasanna says:

Enna kka ellarum reply panringa enaku mattum panna matenringa

Neena Vijayananda says:

You could add finely chopes ginger and garlic…….it would complete the dish

Thunder says:

How did you get the potatoes cut up so small and evenly?

Ramya Suresh says:

Where u got tat pan for frying potatoes? It's gud. I need to buy one

Geeta Tamta says:

nyc recipe…I'll try it😍

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