Michelin Star Indian Chef Reveals How To Make The Perfect Dal | My Greatest Dishes

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Atul Kochhar , the first Indian chef to be awarded a Michelin Star, gives us a step by step guide to creating a traditional Dal Makhani that his mother would make him as a child.
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Havatzelet חבצלת says:

No one in the world knows how to appreciate simplicity as indians do, yet paradoxically they make simple so intricate, maintaining it while globalization happens… what beauty is that! I thank India for raising me as a paradoxically simple woman… Thank G'd.

Manogaren Armoogum says:

So many different styles of dahls out there. Northern, Southern-style. Sambar, Tarka, Makhani…etc

jessie_fun says:

My Indian grand ma disagrees withe everything

Aswathi Nair says:


John Robertson says:

Looks and sounds amazing. Anyone know where to find the recipe with quantities? Thanks.

samuel Valentine says:

Just wanted an actual recipe

Preeti Sri says:

That's such a sweet simple dish.

Singularity says:

There is nothing like how to make a perfect dal yes but there is "how to make dal"

David Netser says:

Hi, i can't find the recipe, is there one? Rgds, david

Stupid-101 says:

Annoyed Vineet Bhatia noises***

Tapan Kalsariya says:

Caution: Don’t try Michelin Star version of Daal Makhni

K Kking says:

naa too heavy. most indians dont use cream or butter. that tastes so much better than dal makahani anyday


India can never be removed from an indian

Aman Samuel says:

1st time when I cooked dal makhni, I was in hostel and it was diwali of 2019. I followed recipe of my mom which is similar like this one. My roommate knew that I'm not into production. Exactly 11 months later I'm awarded with gold medal in production from college with membership of north east India chef association. Point is, hoteliers can do any work related to hospitality.

Travis Menezes says:

When he spoke about spreading newspapers on the floor for dinner time. I felt that. We never had a proper table for eating, it was always the floor. ❣🤣

Umer Bashir says:

Did I just learn how to make daal… interesting

Kitchen Poems says:

Really a nice video thanks for sharing 🙂

BJPig says:

this has to be the best story plus cook video i have ever seen !!! so calming and beautiful !

channelbizt says:

What a nice guy

deepvalley says:

He does not mention all the names of the ingredients. Very sloppy.

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