The BEST 3 VEGAN Recipes (from BOSH!)

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It’s the two year birthday of our very first book, BOSH!, today so we thought we would celebrate by sharing our top 3 recipes from it!

These recipes are big, they’re tasty and they definitely need to be tried by all you lovely people. Have a crack at our chilli nachos, big burrito cake or last but not least our famous mushroom wellington.

Are you cooking any BOSH! recipes this weekend? Make sure to tag us in your photos. We love seeing them.

Big Love, Henry & Ian x




BOSH! Cookbook:

BOSH! was created by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby



Lauren Lewis Grief Coach Practitioner says:

No Cumin, I love Cumin, I'm still going to try it!

VeGaNjAcS says:


justin martin says:

Wow, probably the best 3 recipe video compilation I've ever seen! Delicious! 😁😋😄

Abligurition says:

The way they speak (like eSport casters) and the pace of the music make the video strenuous to follow.
I feel like this is not the kind of content that can be binged.

Ganpignanus .Gianni says:

most excellent, sirs. i loved the recipes and joviality. signed, already vegan.

Ben says:

Guys youve pretty much veganised everything! The only thing I am yet to find a vegan recipe for is a melon pan (popular bread item from japan) I had it in Japan before going vegan and would love a vegan version one day!

Pat Lah says:

What’s the recipe for your minced mushrooms?

Pshlos Polu says:

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مستشارة أسرية: منيره السعيدان says:

What is an alternative to wine?

Weirdunclebob V says:

Are you saying "unctuous deliciousness"? Oily deliciousness?! Oily just doesn't sound delicious to me even though oils do make food taste nice. lol

Karen Reeves says:

Great to see the Mushroom Wellington again! I made it last Christmas dinner for my plant-based son, and it was a huge hit. Everyone had to try it, and my very staunch meat-eating friends absolutely loved it too! It's now a special dinner staple. Stay well and stay safe xx

Tom Kinney says:

The Mushroom Wellington is incredibly good! I'd never found a convincing veggie main for a roast but now this is always my go to. So so tasty

Jennie M says:

How do you veganize curried chicken and Jamaican Jerk chicken? I would love to see a recipe on this.

Abandoned Mountain says:

ooooooooooffffff holy snrg i need all 3 of them every secondzzz mmmmmmm yazzzzzzzzzzz 😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛👅💦👅💦👅💦👅💦👅💦

Frederick Lucies says:

Thanks so much for this video!

Amber Sky says:

These look frickin awesome! Keeping the Mushroom Wellington in my pocket for later in the year so I have something for the holiday dinner to feel included. Thanks guys 👍

The Restaurant Academy says:

On a scale from 1 to 10 for the quality and content of your video, you're an 11

Fester Than Light says:

2:50 I'm sorry, why should you get kids to eat mushrooms? I love them but as a cheat, all mushrooms are toxic at differt levels and they don't have great nutritional properties.

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