The BEST Chickpea Pot Pie Recipe | Vegan & Grain-Free

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Hearty, cozy, and actually kinda healthy, this Vegan Chickpea Pot Pie is the BEST! It has a buttery crust, creamy and chunky veggie filling, and will keep your soul and belly full and satisfied 😉 Full recipe here:
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Yap Eujuan says:

A year late, but damn still… i'm so gonna make this this weekend!

SusanCheng says:

How come she didn’t use oil or salt?

gremlins 347 says:

I just made this 💜 In my opinion it doesn't need the crust, just cook veggies a little longer and serve on a bed of rice. The sauce and veggies were amazing, thank you for this wonderful recipe 😋🙏

milky way says:

We gave it a try tonight and tbh not that good.

Panamera Ghost says:

Trying to learn to cook as I've recently decided to live a vegan lifestyle and there's not many vegan restaurants around. So far so good Definitely going to make this.

Charlly says:

This looks amazing! Is there a substitute for chickpea flour?

Selena Smith says:

Bruh i thought you put corn in and im making mine, seeing theres no corn in the ingredient list 😂
Edit: heres how it went for me: i forgot to freeze my dough(btw i had to use a different recipe), then after messing with one puece on the pan, i put yhe other in the freezer(i rolled it out before i remembered to put in freezer, then put it in the freezer whilst it was rolled out, thinking i wouldnt have to roll it in a ball again and start over), after i was done with sauce and filling, i took out the now frozen solid piece of dough, it broke into pieces so i had to roll it up and start over anyways, but it then kept being all 'i wanna break into big pieces' mood so i just threw it on top, obvious hole and gaps, rippes the pieces off that were hanging over the edges and slapped those babies right on those holes, and voila, a yummy pot pie that looked like a zombie! It was delicious

Chloe V says:

Amazing recipe! My family loved it too 😊

Blueberri Mary says:

omg i want to prep these in little ramekins and freeze them for later. looks so good!

Raquel F says:

This is my go to! This is my fourth time making this and I always come back to this video. It’s a family favourite even though the rest of my family doesn’t eat plant based like I do they still love it!

Paul Hong says:

Ur a lifesaver

Zaiya Fine Art says:

Hey Caitlin I dont have flax seed right now for the egg in the pie crust know any substitutions for that?

Ria says:

Thanks for recipe but feel free to keep your mouth closed whilst eating.

ccgg112 says:

Made this & it was so good!

Windy Hicks says:

What temp to cook this and how long? Looks your videos

Kitty Bitch says:

I’ve made this a couple times and my husband loves it

Lourdes Via Dolorosa says:

Nutritional yeast is fucking disgusting.

evelyn baron says:

Hi Caitlin I did indeed follow this recipe and it was awesome! I can think of switching up filling ingredients to eat the rainbow; thinking leek sage chickpeas definitely, same mirepoix you did except leek would substitute for onion; rutabaga instead of potato; mushrooms, asparagus or broccoli whichever is in season. I really envy you growing up in a vegetarian household; it ultimately makes things easier. My family was European; Dad, Serbia, Mum Berliner Jewish person who escaped the holocaust, so we never saw Wonderbread etc. ever but we were not meatless. Dad's pasoulj, Serbian bean soup is a mass of veggies and fiery but requires a lamb shank to be authentic; my version is fiery and delicious and one adapts. Vegan yoghurt, parmesan, even vegan feta cheese, which people think is the real thing, whatever that means, that stuff is easy. And a lot of food in the Balkans is Greek or Middle Eastern so there was always tabbouleh, dolmos; if you don't have a problem with wheat, spanakopita, which in Serbian is unpronounceable and you can use kale instead of spinach if so inclined and vegan feta and it's frankly better than original. But I rabbit on. So glad to find your web site, really like the happy pear because of their great connection with each other and where they live; real intentionality about their community and excellent senses of humour. Big admirer of The Avantgardevegan, but his goal is to open a restaurant so I take inspiration from his food but adhere day to day to more simple less processed foods in general. Longest comment I ever left! Best wishes for the hols.

Mary Ruiz says:

made this for my friendsgiving and everyone was asking for your recipe! sooo delicious! thank you

Jay Hutchinson says:

Aloha from Hawaii, we make veggie pie for all our holidays, it's not quite the same as yours, but we will try yours it looks yummy.
Aloha from the big Island,
Jay Rosemary and Jade…

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